Zcash now traded at Gemini


Gemini announces that Zcash, a privacy coin, will be publicly traded on it’s exchange.



Went from $240 to $290 in 2 seconds. I watched it. Amaze.


This is huge news though!

Gemini plays by the book and to list a privacy coin that’s been approved by NYSDFS shows these guys don’t fuck about!



Here’s Zcash’s twitter page. They announce that they went through “rigorous review of anti-money laundering, capitalization, consumer protection and cyber security standards” with the State of NY in order to pull off the deal with Gemini.



I sold all my mined Zcash near the top of this pump, I hope I did the right thing, always nice to buy Bitcoin with a lesser coin :rofl:


Zcash is on Barry Silbert’s “conviction list”. I’d hold it.


why not XMR? its better in everyway.


No need to hold it, I can always mine more.