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It is #Saturnday
Buy/Sell BitUnits on https://www.Saturn.Network


Saturn Protocol Alpha Release (Mimas)
Blockchain: Ethereum Classic

Welcome to the future! One transaction trading is now live, no deposits or withdrawals needed - every trade is wallet to wallet! You can find the full release log on our forum:

Please do provide feedback, happy trading!


Saturn Network

Saturn Network is the future of trading in cryptocurrency: safe, secure and decentralized. An autonomous decentralized protocol for governing exchange…


DEX trading on Saturn for BitUnits was launched AHEAD of schedule.

Further details about the first day of trading available by following the link in this Telegram group


How to buy BitUnits on Saturn.Network


How to set up the trust wallet for ETC and BitUnits Tokens.


Just got our audit report from Callisto.


How is your project going?


Good for a bear market. #BUILDING and growing.



That has to wait. We have to be listed on 2 of the exchanges they support.




Thanks. I’ll check it out.


Applied for listing.


Unfortunately, Dobitrade wants 8 BTC for listing so we will not be listed there. We did not ICO so we do not have hat kind of funding for listing. Thanks for the link though. I have a list of other exchanges to apply to, will do that when the time is right.


I sat in a webinar yesterday for an hour and got 600 TuneTrade coins {TXT} (unreleased) and they are building a store you can use the coins in, they are releasing with a value of about $7 each, I’ll DM you the email so you can get some for free…


Bitcoin inspires growth. The Future is Bright! HBD BTC
Saturn.Network makes trading easy!


@BitUnits I just bought 300 UNITS using the Trust wallet from Binance. Really cool.


Very Awesome!! Really Cool :+1:
So many cool things in store for the future!

We now have a Mineable Token! BitUnits Proof of Work Reward (BPOWR) Easy to mine! Check it out here: