Your Intro to the BitUnits Club



The Funds in this account were claimed tho.


want clues join the club.


I decided to call it ‘PUZZLE MINING’
come puzzle mine at


It’s a great little system for nocoiners to learn about crypto.


Had a game of crypto bingo at the BitUnits Club today.


Crack the code take the 310 Bitcoins


I was up all night trying to crack this one and got nowhere.


FREE tokens are a great way to balance your portfolio.

Also a risk free introduction to crypto for your friends and family.

The guys at the Saturn network are processing BitUnits test transactions now, with the expectation of the token being listed on Radex (decentralised crypto exchange) this weekend.

More than 90% of the 5 million community drop tokens have now been distributed but there is still time to pick some up.

Website, Whitepaper and Telegram channel.


Love it, Thanks. Yeah guys come get them before we run out. Then you’re going to have to FOMO buy UNITS when you find out that we are up next. READY UP. Join the Club!


The Countdown has started. In 3 days and 11 hours, BitUnits UNITS will be listed on Saturn.Network DEX


Hell yea!



BitUnits is coming #Saturnday to Saturn.Network - Decentralize Exchange!



Trust digital token controller (wallet) looks much better now with the BitUnits token graphics. Thanks for the add Binance.


@AAA_ZioiZ do you want to see a wallet containing MLIUM graphics?


…sure, I have saturn wallet extension… no graphics for bitunits yet


That is coming next Saturn wallet update.


Tokens should appear in the Saturn wallet this weekend.


I think I’m going to buy some ETC today while the price is under $10


I’m well loaded with ETC, about one dollars worth (or a few thousand transactions).