Yo! Day 2 at NEO DevCon!



Thanks NEO Hans, your insights have been completely stupid. NEO is the real deal and its ability to rise in value while the rest of the market has tanked for the past 2 months illustrates that. No shilling, no pump and dump, just reliable, superior technology at work. This is with China bans still in place.

I fully expect $1,000 NEO by the end of the year. NEO is amazing.


The market decides the pricing eventually. No body is able to see the exact future. Otherwise, you are wasting time with us mortals.


There is quite an excitement during the Trinity presentation. This guy is good at presenting and shilling his project. Reminds me of Justin from TRON.

Here’s his mega-slide:


Youtube NEO Devcon Summary uploaded earlier. 45 min video, definitely worth a beer and some note taking.