Yo! Day 2 at NEO DevCon!



First speaker of Day 2 NEO DevCon!
This guy needs help with public speaking… too many long pauses and “you know, you know, you know”… :rofl:

Yo! I’m at NEO DevCon!

take good notes! looks awesome!


thanks so much for this! keep us updated!


Right in John’s backyard and he didn’t attend? Tells me we need to get @John on the NEO train!! :smile:


ah. you all know too much… yes… yes… i’m here like 2 miles away or something… lol.


A few presentations this morning were lukewarm, at best.

This is VDT network presentation, which focuses on decentralized render farm, a practical solution for content creators. This is, by far, the most impressive presentation of the morning, both content and delivery.

Next’s up is Hashpuppies!!!


Oh boy, these folks are really into it! They are talking about how interactive the gameplay would be!


I know you’d love this thread man. This is awesome!


5 mins into the presentation and the presenters have literally ripped Ethereum apart multiple times! They kept saying that ETH can’t even handle cryptokitties!

Here’s the most updated roadmap for HashPuppies lovers!


Very insightful presentation on the current regulatory environment!


Main take-away: NEO is paying close attention to the regulatory conditions in each country that projects are set up. The motto is to minimize friction with the respective governments.


Scalable open source project can handle anything. NEO is stuck with its known, unknown and ‘unknown unknown’ flaws.


John ‘smells’ a ‘pump and dump’ from miles away :sunglasses:


I really like what NEO’s plan is here. They had this laid out at the beginning, but they continue to expand on the idea of “You have to play along with the big guys.” This is why I personally believe NEO’s value will drastically increase. End of the year price should be pretty telling.


For NEO, ‘play along with the big guys’ has not been an option.


Red pulse presentation now. I still don’t understand what problems they are trying to fix!


The western investors can now pay by themselves for the Soviet propaganda.


Zeepin just announced that they will be releasing Galaxy, which essentially allows you to have your own planets and galaxies! You can even trade them on the blockchain.

First, we had cryptokitties. Then we’ll have Hashpuppies and cryptopuppies. Next we’ll have Galaxy! Dang, this is crazy! We are using blockchain to solve problems we never had, so that we can create more problems (network overload)! LOL…


You can thank Vitalik for most of the spam coins out there.


Those Netflix streaming traffic can honestly wait.