Yes. We Have a Patreon! 🤩 👏 🎟 🚀



Make sure you use the same email address for both services!


Nope. Patreon doesn’t allow two accounts with the same payment method. No biggie. I can remain “anonymous”


Finally signed up for Patreon I used the same email address is there anything else i need to do? To sync it with the pub?


just give it a bit of time, assuming those things are in place.


Transaction successful. Ecstatic to give back for the wealth of knowledge I’ve received here. Not to mention one step closer to meeting the Booins. :blush:


lol. that movie was fun.

glad to have you here friend. you’re “in”.


How do I do this lol??

I want to use PayPal balance to become a patreon, not direct debit from the bank because I don’t have a bank account lol - -


looks like it’s available directly…


Idk it was weird, I saw where I could pay through Paypal but not with my Paypal balance - just the connected bank accounts…

Gonna check again though, got a few dollars on there just for the pub lol!