Yes. We Have a Patreon! 🤩 👏 🎟 🚀



LOL! It’s time to man the battle stations! We have good work to do, a calling!


Joined last night. Happy to be apart of a great community!


For a fiver a month, i’m happy be on board, and in 12 months from now I’m hoping I can upgrade my patronage, will i end up being a pub legend? Let’s hope so :slight_smile:


Great to help support the community! Let’s go to the moon together!


07 PM


Im in ,one more Cryptonaut just Joined , glad to help a great project , keep up the good work .:bitrocket::neo::neo::neo:


He’s Dutch though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How does it work? is it a direct debit payment that comes out of my bank account each month? because i am in the uk does my contribution in £ convert to $. it would be so much easier if we could pay in crypto, 1 Because profits made in crypto should cover the subscription 2. i have all my money tied up in crypto and in the fiat world i am poor :rofl:


Support anyway you can! There are links near the bottom of the Patreon for cryptodonations!


but a person donating in fiat gets rewards
a person donating in crypto gets nothing


setup a regular paypal option


This is definitely an issue… and they know it… read this here. Maybe we can build enough groundswell to get them to change…?


Yo @john! When do we get our Patreon badge!?


Yeah it is a slight issue more on the terms that we in the pub are singing the praises of crypto then we use fiat for things in the pub, i would also say same goes for any swag that is available it should be bought in crypto. Practice what we preach


The sync isn’t working… but, I’m working on that a bit today. It should sync! :slight_smile:


I used my Shift card to pay which is tied to my Coinbase BTC balance. So in theory I did pay with bitcoin.
I’m sure some others can respond with alternative options.



Where there’s a will… there’s a way… :smile: :+1:


Chyeeaa! GOOD LUCK guys! Rooting for the pubbb


this post has been deleted


i am in :stuck_out_tongue: jaaaaaaaaa