XRP Price Thread



@Jacko1988 I’m looking for an entry on XRP. $0.44? :thinking:


Set your trap buddy :man_astronaut:t2:

She is trying hard to break away :sunglasses:





I think xrp will 10x before bitcoin, anyone else think same?


Depends when you bought bitcoin ha. Do you mean from now?


Yes, i meant from now.


More than likely then yes


XRP will more than 10x and if you were here september and bought at .25/.27 like some of us you would already be 1x :sunglasses:

median line calling :man_astronaut:t2:

Gap opening up now come on you sexy bitch :joy:


:smiley: naah i bought at 9 cents so im just gonna hodl that :smiley:


so you missed the big swing???


No i did not, i was greedy and stupid :smiley: i will not make the same mistake again…gonna sell some if xrp reaches 3-5 usd.


Hodling up and Hodling down owch :man_facepalming:t2: make sure you take profit this time buddy $10


Yes i wont step into same bucket again :smiley: gonna dca xrp from now on



All the more justification to buy another .25 BTC worth this morning at 9k sats :sunglasses:


XRP flippening ? :smiley:


XRP ready to show the crypto space how to race away :man_astronaut:t2:


Not yet you sexy bitch but she will be :joy:


Bitcoin cash down 42% wtf :smile:



Guess who :joy:

But the dip
Buy the dip