WTC mining $7 per 1080ti per day!


Anyone here mining WTC. People are killing it right now profit wise. Great profits since mid may. Not sure how long it will last.


Since when is WTC minable??? And since when a 1080ti can generate more than $3 per day? I find this a bit suspicious…


You have to be on the cutting edge of mining to make the most profits. Sitting back and waiting like everyone else to check whattomine is already to late too the pay day. 1080ti cards have been as high as $15 per card per day. Now u know about WTC. So go get that money!!! You are the “moneyman” right?


$15 per card? wtf. Not saying I dont believe you but proof is needed.


Dec 6 2017 STAK was paying $17 per 1080ti. I tried to look back further but can’t find the older posts. $8 to $12 was not uncommon at the end of 2017. GRLC was doing $7.5 Jan 31, 2018.


You think it’s profitable with only 1 1080ti? Because I won’t have much chance to find blocks right?
What do you recommend for a single 1080ti


The people doing good with WTC have at least 6 1080 ti cards and an i7 cpu. Somehow the cpu matters for finding blocks. I only have a celeron because when I built it didn’t matter. I might have to buy a new cpu now if this is what the future holds. Looks like an i5 might work as well.


WTC - is just solo mining. You might have gotten lucky over the last day or so but over time this average will even itself out and not look so profitable. This was seen with many of the new miners on the Pub’s mining pool as it was their first time mining and / or never experienced a small pool.

There is nothing cutting edge about what you are doing.

Wish you the best of luck as that is all it is in your numbers above.


I don’t mean cutting edge as far a tech. I mean as far as being first to a profitable coin. Here is what another miner posted.

“ Been running my setup of 9 1080tis since may 19 and so far found 31 blocks. Had a few lucky days of 5 blocks per day, on the other hand a few with 0 but thats the gamble for you.”

I’m just passing along information to keep everyone informed. A good community is about sharing information. I’m not suggesting anyone do anything other than do what you believe is best for you.


how do you get multiple gpu to run ? tried it only run 1 gpu


Do some reading and testing. Here is a cut and paste from reddit

Ok so many are having issues with the ming_run.exe guide.

It is still important but maybe wasn’t clear that it is only part of the solution.
You need to also use the methods from the CPU+GPU howto
to produce your folder structure and amend your port numbers and file namings so multiple instances of walton.exe can run.

Another user has given me his Auto-it scripts to complete this portion for you.

All the code can be opened and checked, and you only need to download files from
Walton [GPU_MINING_64]
[AutoIt] Https://

and the AutoIt scripts provided

I have placed the README in pastebin please read

So create your selection of folders, with modified walton.exe ports, and then add your manually modified ming_run.exe’s using the inscructions from [[Multi-GPU]: Ming_run.exe edit instructions (FREE)

I would hope to see the community come together and help each other as much as possible with this.

I hope this helps.


oh so its miner instead of wallet mining


I was just reading up on WTC mining this morning. Apparently it was cpu only for the first 2 months or so. The ryzen threadripper and i7 and up were supposedly getting some good luck for a bit there.


That still isn’t cutting edge and being “the first to a profitable coin” is just shear dumb luck. Its all speculation the reddit user you put in your description just happened to be speculating that WTC would go up in value. He also stated that he had a few lucky days where he got 5 blocks. These are what is making it look like it is extremely profitable.

The fact that you are stating $7/day and things like not sure how long it will last are click bait and then you make the statement of

Yes you are shilling a project and trying to convince people to mine it with out all of the facts. If you are going to share information then you need to share all of the information and explain how you are coming to the conclusion that you are making $7/day per 1080ti. Because anyone mining solo “which is what you are doing on WTC” could have a good streak and take that one snapshot in time to claim they are making what ever per card. Its the long average that matters when solo mining.

So please when proposing or thinking about sharing information include all the juicy and not so juicy details not just a click bait type twitter message that has no meat/context. That crap can stay on those crap platforms twitter, reddit, instagram, and the likes.


Being transparent here I did turn a single 1080ti over to see how it does. For the reasons listed above in my other posts I do not have much faith but we will see.


1 1080ti won’t do u any good. At least 6cards and at least an i5 cpu. Also. I am not shilling. I try to pass along good information and let others read and decide. People don’t know to if they only look in one place. Ignorance is power! How else can you control the sheeple! GPU mining per card is profitable with many coins not listed on Whattomine. It looks like others on here had no idea 1080ti were easily past $10 per card per day at one time. I just want people to be woke to everything. Some people will bash me because they feel I’m leading people away from doing what they want them to do. I want people to what is best for them. I’ll admit I am defective. I am completely altruistic in nature and a real a hole. Lol. But who is perfect.