Writing & Blogging Workshop (Livestream Event)



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Our vision for our small (but growing!) community was to create as much value as we possibly could in more ways that just bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

In fact, one of the original ideas from the beginning was to “export” all that we knew about technology and business-building so that we could help our community grow!

To that end, this year we wanted to start making that vision a reality and one of the first Livestream Workshops is going to cover something near and dear to my heart!

I’ve been blogging publicly for 17+ years and have learned a ton about the practice of digital writing. I’d love to share some of that with you.

On Saturday, February 24th @ 10:00am EST / 7:00am PST, I’ll be hosting a 2-hour livestream for Crypto Pirates and above.

I hope you can join me!

I’ll provide a bit more context and schedule as we get closer!

And, if you have any ideas about what other types of workshops you’d like us to host, please leave a comment below!



This is worth it if y’all can make it!


I finished up the b90x. Thank you so much for making something like that available to us. It really was an eye opener on behaviors. Will Definitely time my best to be strong and hodl when in doubt.


I’d like to check it out. Will there be any sort of registration, or more like a live youtube stream?


it’ll be a live youtube stream most likely.


is that livestream going to be on dc.tv or some other channel???


we’ll share it to the Patreon Community who will have links.



I’ve done a lot of writing online over the years (and some offline) and posted tens of thousands of forum posts in many forums, but never really blogged. I’m writing several ebooks at the moment and been doing some offline crypto workshops/talks, so I’ve been considering doing some online blogging/videos so definitely interested in learning anything new/relevant on this.


This I will definitely make. I have tried to make blogging a regular habit a few times but have not stuck it out. When reading some of your posts I ran across the one talking about how you post everyday. That is very impressive and would like to dig a little deeper into your strategies. I am getting better as of late but still not at your level of everyday. I am going to try to write everyday until the event and see how that goes. Hopefully that will help me have some better questions for you. I can’t wait!


I found that me being on pub and posting very regularly is like therapy. Writing something and putting it out there is exactly what I have been looking for. Inspired to start blogging too! Question is how well I will be able to do it… lol


Just a reminder that this is happening in a few days… looking forward to it!


Forgot my wife has a trip planned for us this weekend. Are you recording to post at a later date?


Yes. Will be recorded for patreons.


Where is the link to join the livestream? Did I miss it somewhere?


Jake login into Patreon.


Thanks! Just saw the new patreon post with the link:

Looking forward to a great workshop!