Would love to see support for LCC (litecoin cash)


BTW, I would never post anything that would harm another member … I would never post something without doing extremely thorough research. This is 100s of thousands of dollars we are talking that people invest here!!


Another thing, I never even started this thread to tell people how to claim or whatever with LCC. it was to ask for lCC to be added to coin puffs. I apologize if i got triggered , you are right i don’t think he was talking about me just more of the project.


Once again, you’re not a scammer. Your instructions are legit, but take time and caution to execute.
@gundy just said to be careful. And I would agree. NEVER expose the PrivKey of your active wallet (unless you’ve moved the funds out of it and are abandoning it forever).

Once again, your instructions are legit, BUT some people are just ignorant enough to not follow.


We take your apology. :peace_symbol:&:love_letter:
And thanks for posting useful information.


one final thing security wise. If using the TREZOR/LEDGER BIP convert method. PLZ PLZ makes SURE to pull your computer or device OFFLINE while converting private keys … :slight_smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnyPrCaCcZI


Having a number of LTC I wouldn’t claim any free LTC cash as I wouldn’t be willing to hand over any of my private keys. I personally believe if you are not in full control of your private keys then you have exposed yourself to some form of risk.

Answer to the topic question = no thank you, I wouldn’t want to see any support for LTC cash.

Currently one LTC cash is worth like $4/5?? Is it worth the risk of sending someone private keys for such a small profit? I don’t think so. I’d pay someone that amount just to not hassle me.

Do I see LTC cash going to the moon? Again no, I don’t think so.


Don’t claim it then. Look i risked nothing by claiming. I never said for non advanced users to claim. Wait until it gets supported by LEDGER and TREZOR directly. And it’s LCC not LTC cash… Technically. I tend to call it LTC cash as well :stuck_out_tongue: // I see us hitting 30usd by the end over November. Remember as long as you keep your private keys and held LTC at the fork you can claim 10 years from now. It does not matter. No Rush.


I personally believe in the project. And have spoken with the miners and devs. I will be holding. Do as you wish with yours. Sell it for 1usd it will be bought immediately. 560mil supply .


I just do see the financial gain worth my time to claim such small amounts. Good luck to you if it meets your expectations at $30 per LTC cash but this thread will be here in 6 months and an update on your progress would be great



@Gray Sorry if I triggered you. When private keys of any kind are being used there is always an amount of risk involved. I was just trying to educate people in the risks of doing so. A majority of the time when alt coins ask for silly things like private keys there is an underlying maliciousness to it and only time will tell if im right. Never invest what your not willing to burn in the fire!

not financial adviser, just a concerned crypto enthusiast


Like i said over and over. This thread was never to tell people how to claim LCC. You can mine LCC, Or you can just wait until Ledger themself thinks this project is legit and adds support and gives the users the coins just like bitcoin cash. Again i apogize for calling names . I honestly thought you were calling me a scammer. No, I’m A concerned crypto enthusiast as well, Same team guys.


And again, Like i said, the method i posted puts yourself and Zero Risk. If you use Good OP SEC. ( and you should know what that means before handling cryptos) you will know how to claim , how to store, not to use windows PC, Not to give access to your PC To anyone, Use VMs to claim Coins, How to do Root level hard drive encryption. if you don’t know this stuff. Yea, you are asking for it. please use caution. THe methods i posted and techniques i use put yourself at no risk at all.


So you know all that, impressive.

Yet to claim your free LTC cash some form of private key needs to handed be over? So where’s the zero risk?


You send your litecoins to another ledger or another wallet that is secure and has low fees. like the guide i posted. My wallet had 0.0 LTC inside when claiming… See how that is Zero Risk?


Hope for your sake it’s zero risk. Only time will tell.

I didn’t know any of the terminology you mentioned but one thing I do know about is keeping my private keys safe.


Best learn it now. Security is everything in this space. i can give you a few really must watch videos.


Engineers will profit, like always, let em buy back higher :slight_smile:


Coin market cap is inaccurate. Everyone trading LCC has known since day one. LCC YOBIT was a scam type deal. You go on cryptobridge you could have dump’d at 1.30usd and rebought back at .55 cent doubling your LCC. IT pays to be early bird i guess.


if it goes down further i dunno. It may be the bottom here. All depends on how strong the community around it gets.