Would love to see support for LCC (litecoin cash)


Hi coinpuffs devs and community. I was able to, and many many others were able to claim the litecoin cash (LCC) litecoin hard fork. The code is solid, network is growing. I’d love to see coinpuffs add LCC in the future. Their discord is here https://discord.gg/6uPA3Pw


How did u claim ur ltc cash mate ?
I heard u had to hand over ur private keys


If you have ledger like this … this lady post this in my fb group, and me and her tried for 3 days, to get her LCC to no avail, but she ended up just figuring it out Screenshot_2018-02-22_18-37-20


Well at least I now know I won’t lose my ltc coin. It’s 10 ltc cash to 1 ltc isn’t it. ? Thanks for the help


as of now its pretty useless… no exchanges actually list it. yobit does but they don’t let you deposit your lcc to trade it.


You can trade on meanxtrade and others. Don’t get why you would sell for less than 20usd though


Bitcoin and litecoin were not on exchanges when created. This coin was on exchanges the same day.


U do get 10ltc cash to 1 ltc ?


i suppose, but with the exchange being in beta and with all the warnings on their splash screen saying you are likely to lose your money i’d just assume write that off as an exchange that isn’t working.


im sorry, im sorry, but WTF! :n00b: From the looks of these instructions they could be backdoor’n all ur ledgers. If creator of litecoin :litecoin: comes out and flat out says litecoin cash is a scam! Topic is even a recent subject here! (scroll down) Please be careful, unless ur swimming in :doge::btc::ltc::neo: and want to donate your net worth, dont ever import your private keys :privatekey:into ANYTHING! Its basically the skeleton key of your crypto, unlocks all doors if you will…

:troll:If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, u gonna get ROBBED!:troll:

:mindblown::mindblown::mindblown:STAY FROSTY!!!:mindblown::mindblown::mindblown:
not financial advise, just concerned crypto enthusiast…


Chill out buddy hahahahaha…


This guy just literally said i was trying to SCAM people. WITH NO PROOF. that’s fucking BULLSHIT. I didn’t scam anyone. And I HELP Members of this community!!


I dont think he was saying you in person were a scammer, I think he has doubts about the LCC project, you are clearly fully behind this coin & fork and I am glad that you have managed to get the claim process to work. I hold LTC on a Trezor, the Trezor lad’s arnt going near this one though, they did release coin splitting tools for Bcash & Bgold which worked great, nothing for LCC though.

Stay calm, happy & heathy & enjoy your crypto ride.


It’s not a scam. And it has Forbes mentions… Oh didn’t i mention you can join the Discord and ask the Devs yourself about the project. Hmm… How many scams have DEVS who will openly show you their face / name etc. :wink: Not to mention i personally combed through the code … Took my own time to verify. I suggest you do as well. it’s all fully open source on github. I guess people don’t read through.


Not to mention i’ve already helped 30+ people claim LCC without isses, about 25 of those on my facebook group. Where are the people who lost money? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LCUANKwSJk


He did not say anything about you, but I would be very cautious exposing the PrivKey to the elements. I’ve read the instruction given by you, and I must say, it’s a PITA but LEGIT, but that does not mean that everyone would care to read it throughout. And not export their ACTIVE wallet PrivKey
And please, watch your language, sir.


this is a free speech forum. People call me scammer. I’m going to respond.


You talk about people reading so they understand whats going on, well you need to read & take note that he didnt at any point call you out as a scammer, he just has his doubts about the LCC project not you in person. So re-read it and take that chill pil


It’s a free speech forum, unless you are insulting people.

And the Forbes mention does not make any project legit, IMO.


Doesn’t make since to me. To call something a scam with no proof. Sorry. Wheres the proof? i’ll eat my words and apologize if you can show me malicious code , show me someone who lost LTC with the method i posted.