Winning at the Meta level


I am grateful for John, Peter, and this awesome Crypto nation. While others speculate on what caused this surge, if you watched Decentralized Tv live stream last night, you would know. But how do we make it go further. As I have mentioned before, there is a concerted effort by the powers that be to knock down the price of cryptos by limiting access, regulations, or making it appear to be passing fad, yet at the same time they are setting up to buy in. How can we fight this? We make our voices louder, digital voices specifically. You see, our world runs on big data, everything you do right now is being tracked by your digital devices…well let’s created a snowball affect, let’s give this data driven world info on how much we want to see crypto related news and articles by using Google and Bing to lookup bitcoin surge. Let’s tweet bitcoin surge and get it trending. Let’s make it a hot topic not just for us, but everyone out there. The more excitement, the more passion, the more people will flock and the data will force those that went bitcoin dark to return to bitcoin active. Crypto guerilla tactic time. We control our destiny and we will make it an awesome future.


this is how it’s going to be for a while…

glad you’re here.


This place is too awesome not to share. for thoughts and analysis, cryptoyum for tasty news articles, Decentralized Tv to unwind and laugh, and you know John, I gotta have my Coinpuffs !