Will Zclassic even exist after the Bitcoin Private Hard Fork?



For those who don’t know, a Bitcoin Private airdrop will soon occur. If you hold Bitcoin or Zclassic in a hardwallet or certain exchanges (they have had to agree to airdrop you) 1 BTC will you one Zclassic. 1 Bitcoin Cash will get you one Zclassic. This has led the price of Zclassic to go from $5 to 140+ mainly due to the fact that 1 Bitcoin is over 8k. Will Zclassic even exist after this hard fork?!


I’m tempted to merge this with the Bitcoin Private discussion since the information overlaps, but I guess this is a bit more central to ZCL, rather than the resulting fork.

In either case, there’s quite a bit more information here:


Correction you will NOT get any ZCL for holding BCH. It is a fork of BTC so you get 1:1 on BTC and ZCL. And to answer your question, yes the developer team will stay on with ZCL to maintain as intended. At least that’s what Rhett as communicated numerous time.


ZClassic has already a fork called ZenCash.
After the Bitcoin Private fork, I don’t see any need or future for ZClassic. I feel ZClassic will tank and go back to what it was few months back.


It’ll definitely tank but that wasn’t the question. It’s still intended to be worked on and developed further.


Another ZCL fork will be announce today.
Anonymous BTC…

Right now ZCL 17 usd. I’m trying to think pragmaticly. Let’s see whats going to happen.
There will be a broadcast for announcement; https://twitter.com/cryptomanran/status/989868745458794496