Will Bittrex ever make themselves relevant again?


Will Bittrex ever make themselves relevant again? It seems like with the lack of new listings and the wallet maintenance issues, Bittrex appears to be just going through the motions. Other exchanges are becoming more desirable. What is their deal? Do they want to shut down?


I left Bittrex 1-2 months ago. Just felt like they weren’t trying to improve their services… Maybe they are, but they aren’t showing it for sure.


I think they are going to be the new “friendster” or “myspace” soon, you know how this ends :rofl:


It’s crazy how fast that can happen in the Cryptosphere. They were my “go to” exchange up until around August. Now their volume has pretty much dried up.

I probably would go back to trading there if they would add some new coins and maybe NEP-5 architecture.

The rise and fall seems exponential faster in the Cryptoworld not just from coins compared to stocks but also businesses. I think the only reason Coinbase is still relevant is the USD pairing. Any day a better option will come along and poof CB will be practically gone days later.

I’m glad we have the Pub to stay up on these trends.


having stopped new members signing up for almost 2 months now surely isn’t helping them. Binance now seems the ´main´exchange go to atm imo.


I’m only using bittrex and coinbase. What other exchanges do people recommend? I would ideally like something that is easy to transfer to/from US bank account.


I think most folks have switched to Binance now.


I use Kraken and Binance


I still do the occasional trade on Bittrex but mostly Coinbase and Binance. I heard about Bittrex allowing USD deposits but forget where. It wasn’t from Suppoman as I cannot stand to watch him. I loved Crypto Daily but ever since he did his show with Suppoman I feel his quality has went downhill, but that may just be a coincident.


They’ve definitely lost me as a potential new customer. 1 or 2 weeks of closed doors due to increase in demands, fine by me. A month+? Yea bud… I’m out.

I guess you could say this is opposite of what Coinbase did. Accept and approve all new customers and take your best shot at trying to keep up with support tickets.


Didnt use Bittrex for two months now and I went today too sell some ZCL still have alot of lag / freez / dc etc nothing has changed since


Never had an issue with Bittrex.


I use both Bittrex and Binance. Bittrex is a lot easier to use when trading. Maybe it’s just me that I’m doing something wrong on Binance. But on Bittrex I can make the (alt)coin amount fixed, click for the last bid and sell it right away for the automatically calculated BTC price.


I don’t use Bittrex at the moment, but for me it’s been pretty slick too…

Imo the Binance website sucks donkey… And the mobile app is super laggy… I pretty much just have it on my phone without logging in, so I can check prices when I’m not at home…

But I love the Binance desktop app :smiley: