Will bitcoin go higher? πŸš€


Here comes 10K :explopants:


Bitcoin! Where are you going? Are you rdy?


Goldman filling their :btc: bags getting ready to short us.


I think they’ll slowly push us up to a trillion + market before really fucking shit up.


Watch the crypto hedge funds slowly offloading on OTC exchanges while Goldman pumps it. Then when Goldman is ready to dump the hedge funds wreck all their shorts. :joy:


Looks like ALTs already turning to bloody mode :hocho:


BTC will need a break and give alts a chance to catch up slightly ALT’s back to there ATH’s before June :man_dancing:
Wave 3-4 Pull back and then Wave 5 through 10k :man_dancing:


yeah, alts are getting out of sync on this rise…still
…profit is profit as
toasted bear is toasted bear… :bitrocket:


I wonder if we’re about to see a run at 10k now after this long sideways run? BTC is certainly creeping towards it, and Ethereum is on a tear:


think so mate,weekly kijunsen is sat on 10300
some tasty shorts burnt there…3 at 10 mill …8 mill,2 mill…
smokey bear BBQ today …


HAHA @Sparky_84 nice one dude.




I will become upset quickly and all the bears will regret it hard. :rage::rage::rage:


Break out again ??



:speaking_head:sell your alts the king is awake.


We go up from here peoples. Enjoy :bitrocket::bitrocket::bitrocket::bitrocket::bitrocket::bitrocket:


Even Google is telling us that we are going to the moon…


그것은 달에 갈 것이닀! :bitrocket:


Morning All :man_dancing:

Closing in for that run to 10k i wonder how many bears :bear: will have their asses burnt today???