Will bitcoin go higher? πŸš€


Keep your feet on the ground and the eyes on the stars my friends. :bitrocket::bitrocket::bitrocket:


Up we go again bear suck arse :cow: perma bull


9600 Boom :sunglasses:



i believe we are on wave 3 so i really do expect to break 10k before we pull back beneath 10k for wave 4 and the final push for wave 5 to break 10.3k fingers crossed its bull run time :rocket:


I’m all up in this mother fucker… :speaking_head: FUCK THE BEARS :joy:
Well done jacko. :v:️


Bears can’t tank the price when they don’t own BTC. Shorting is risky business. They have to buy in now and push us over 10K. Must suck being out of the market right now. :grimacing:


Must be the worst mate. Eating up all those gains. :cry: that’s if you really made any :shushing_face:


:joy: lead the charge and sound the bull alarm bears being burnt alive :bear::bomb:


bulls never quit haha been buying week on week and have my 3rd ticket thanks to the bears :joy:


Still wants higher :cowboy_hat_face::popcorn::bitrocket:

RUN bears, RUUUUN :smile::bear::gun:


what constitutes real upward conviction, leetorres fully satisfied kind of conviction?


you will never satisfy Dr Doom he will not change course :sunglasses:
10.3k may entice him, but a close above 11k will have him in a bear trap :bear: :bomb:…


Btc trending on StockTwits. looks like the stock traders have our attention again they getting some fomo?


13k minimum end of May!


almost there come on now take the cubs too


Imagine the pain


owch hahahhahahaha .


Now its getting crazy :cowboy_hat_face::money_mouth_face::flushed::bitrocket::popcorn:


Yeah mate with 30% dominance and alts flourishing :rocket: