Will bitcoin go higher? πŸš€


this made me laugh so hard


I’m confident that BTC will go higher on Friday :slight_smile:


beattttcoin will defo go higher…
I personally see bitcoin hitting $30k - $60k this year.


we are due a big move wether thats up or down remains to be seen but we are closing in on the apex of the triangle so we will soon find out :v:


Always breaks with the trend mate… :wink:
Bullish triangle that… :joy:


how many hours til we are on the other side of that wedge and its spoken?


C’mon goldman show us the money. What price are they going to short BTC to? Surely they don’t want to start the slide at this price.


we have broken out but no enough volume this will be a fight to get a close above the wedge…


This is going to the moon :new_moon:


no way :sunglasses: keep you feet on the ground hahaahaha back in the wedge Bitch hahaha


I love the two threads…lmao


Slowly Climbing :robot: fuck the other thread :v:


Slowly?? Smashed 9400 like nothing there!! :cowboy_hat_face::rocket::bitrocket:


Blue Horseshoe loves Bitcoin.


and were off now we need an exodus from the other thread :sunglasses:


In USDT since 9436 :sunglasses::sweat_smile:

WOW - that sell walls building up…


hahah you can almost come out to play again :face_vomiting:


Thats because your calling it a wedge…:disappointed_relieved:
bulish Triangle patterns only in this thread… :joy:


Whats next, whats next? :popcorn::sunglasses::rocket:


11,150 is next fib level can we make it, i feel if we break 10k then the trading bots and them stubborn Bears will switch and off we go :rocket: