Will bitcoin go higher? πŸš€


Will bitcoin go higher ?


There u go @Jacko1988 a place for u to play bull :upside_down_face:


:rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket: :new_moon:


Only Bull in the village :cow: too the moon fuckers :rocket: who’s with me??? (don’t leave me hanging here)
This is the thread to be in…


Haha it has been created


welcome my friend please be sure to leave the other thread where the bears reside :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I will come back in due time and be a bull with u @Jacko1988 . Just don’t let the rocket ship blast off with out me :rocket: :cry:


yes. :sweat_smile: :open_mouth:


Damn…I have been waiting a long time for this one…yes it can! :joy:


The weather report says up again tomorrow :wink:


This is what i’m looking at right now :rocket:


Will bitcoin go higher? Does a bear shit in the woods? :joy:


I’m going to start demanding instead of asking.

Moon now. Lambo now. Ready…GO.



BTC up 33% in April.

Will we see another 33% in May? :rocket:


Ofcourse we will this is the bitcoin go higher thread :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


spot on with my c-d wave i put up yesterday :sunglasses: now come on you fuck 10k today


Bitcoin cash going for a rip. What’s the real bitcoin?


C-D wave done now we either break up from here or D-E and break up from there either way the only way is up (Fuck the Bears) :sunglasses:

Looks like D-E going to come in fast :v:


symmetrical triangle at the top of a BULL run… nice charting dude. :sunglasses:


is today the day??? 10k???