Will bitcoin drop lower? πŸ¦‘



Its going to take something of a miracle for bitcoin to get out of the bear market. Then again warren did call this the economic miracle so anything is possible


I still ain’t bought was thinking of going to as I thought a wee bounce would come


I am ready for 5K zone, but I would think we would bounce and run a bit before going there.


I’m ready for $1300 lclxmdmxk


they said the same on every other BTC drop Sparky theres no such things as miracles in markets just people on different levels making money. everything as always in life is just a matter of time :v:


Multi year :skull: lflxkdmxix


who knows mate crypto moves fast and even so multi year is nothing, id rather slam my ICA allowance into BTC and wait 3 years than the measly rate HMRC give you :joy:


if i could take you back too 2013 and said you would have to ride out a few pull backs on BTC would you go back???
BEAR in mind thats multi years we are talking :sunglasses:


If u could take me back to 2013 I would refuse. I would then demand u take me to the year 2010 :rocket:


nice way to avoid the question fella haha i may aswel take you back to when the first block was mined then you could really have some fun. :joy:


Sounds swell . Then I could inscribe Satoshi is a wanker on the first block and of course call the chancellor a bell end


You sound hard done by my friend, you should have a little bit of you time :person_in_lotus_position:


We was all hard done by we have been paying way over the odds for the true intrinsic value :stuck_out_tongue:


Before i thought 5-10k was the range for btc if nothing changed in the fundamentals. Drop below 5k, i’m calling a range between 2-4k unless something changes in btc or market fundamentals. Thats where i see the volume profile showing as the containment area


Something will change institutional investors

  • crickets * :cricket:


That depends on your outlook :tipping_hand_man:


This is brutal


Why would someone pay 2k for a digital coin you can’t spend anywhere ?


Hence the word β€œspeculative”


Killer bears are brutal :bear: