Will bitcoin drop lower? πŸ¦‘



The spring is being loaded, the deeper it goes the harder it bounces :wink:


According to my amateurish technical analysis, it would seem that Bitcoin is heading towards or is deep into oversold areas. This is good if you want to get into upwards swings temporarily or are going long. Given the fact that these are on the daily and weekly charts, these are more for long term trades. The yellow oval was when I saw the golden cross in which you can see the uprising.


Above was a heatchart from tensorcharts. You can go there to see order flow, and where orders are placed in relation to the current price. Thats what the blue haze is

Btc avoid perfectly orders that would have disturbed its trajectory, thats why price follows the outline of the haze. If you watch order charts, than this is mind boggling


there she goes mate down goes the Β£ easy money i’m Done for the day lol maybe we should open up a forex Thread ???
This one is full of bear cum and bull sweat :joy:


The market has been trapping bulls recently; when there are no more bulls left, they will trap the bears? Be careful @leetorres :joy:


The weekly MACD must turn up before this bear is done. It turned bearish back in January and hasn’t crossed over since.


6325… Chinese water torture. Slowly grinding down to 4800…


There is an article say Bitcoin’s Price Was Artificially inflated last year by Tether, could it be possible?


I don’t think so. There is more tether now than last year, yet the price of btc is way down. Tether is a scam of its own, but I doubt it had a lot of bearing on BTC 20k.


There is no Fud. people are less resilient to be bag holders the longer the sustained down trend continues combined with more and more people shorting and betting against it. shorting is where the money in crypto is right now. There will need to be some big change/news/rumor to make bitcoin reverse its trend.


NEO being rekt @37 USD


Meh just another shitcoin :skull:


I have a feeling the whole market gonna crash very hard and after we will see another bullrun but we will have to wait alot before that.


Don’t be silly bullrun starts next month 15k


no way dude there is no reason.


Ofcourse there is reason mcaffe said so with his mathematic algorithm


As @JasonMasterNET said people have been making their profits off shorting. I am confident BTC will find a bottom in the short term and the :bear:'s will start to use some of those dirty dollars to go long.


More coins for further manipulation


That’s the name of the game :man_shrugging:

I’m just a small fish trying to not get eaten.


When capitulation? I was expecting a btc bounce soon here, but damn. Is everyone giving up already?