Will bitcoin drop lower? 🦑



Don’t take me serious mate I’m a old fart now with hair growing out my ears and had more electric shocks than I have had birthdays :zap:
Good luck :wink::+1:t2:


I have to bang on shorting and capitulation. Thats all i do and see, markets going down

People can try to short, but if they don’t know how to read price action and manage position, they’ll get jittery and hopefully break even while tripping on themselves. Been calling going into fiat in what equates 2 commodity years. I know one trader, bought a boat load of btc at 3k, went into fiat at 16k and is now just waiting. Patience pays off in spades

Even take 25% off the table, anything is better than this beating. There’s no way to hedge in crypto during a bear market, its all red. Best case scenario is a bounce happens, that would be a good time to do it because lower lows are coming. Not financial advice :man_shrugging:


Icon announced token swap.



Come on Leo don’t be like that mate, sparky worries for us all and only wants the best for us.
How kind must you be to Come into a forum where you have no previous experience or prior knawledge of the market, zero money on the line and no intention of putting any down, just to comfort the poor souls who have.
He’s like a Internet missionary here to save the millennial generation from having to make their own decisions.
Some of the encouragement he’s given us in the past will be something I’ll never forget,
Like… haha you should’ve listened to me, don’t invest it’s a ponzi/scam, I told you so,it’s rat poison and my personal favourite fuck you and your yellow teeth.

Keep up the good work sparky, your ability to learn everything in a matter of months is an inspiration to us all.
Could be time for peter to hand over the reigns :cry:


I was trying to be diplomatic :smile:


you went long sunday…??
im not taking anything off the table…8% yesterday going long…
Well your mate aint trading is he … he bought and sold… and is now waiting.Just like Sparky and he admits he goes on gut and tea bags… trader he aint…and Im sure sparky will say thats a shit return… :joy:
To clarify If anyone wants out…Yep they should sell into the lower highs…on the higher time frame charts. :beer:




Yes i did go long, and it put a bear curse on the entire market. Don’t tempt me into going long again :bear:


Here we are looking at the weekly BTC -1.71% chart, goes without saying currently in a bear market.

Weekly VRSI is just insanely low.

Monthly still isn’t into oversold. I said before that maybe we need to go into the oversold on the monthly before we turn around this bear market.

Getting the VRSI lower than this on the weekly is harder and harder, and seems to be slowly down by a factor of 1.75.

The 28 week MA is accelerating towards our current level as we move away from that peak of 80+.

Said MA is about to move under 50, which is an apparent bullish signal.

Market sentiment has me thinking this’ll be slow as hell. Extrapolating the drop in VRSI (bar a reversal) shows us not reverting till as late as November. Bleurgh.

I’m targeting a bounce for BTC -1.71% at $6,000 short term for maybe a short squeeze, bull trap.

Longer term target is the 78.60 fib level, $4800 area, combined that there is a bit of support in that area, and a nice psychological number. These factors together really should put a barrier on the bear market, and hopefully start a change. Will update idea as we get closer to that area to confirm if i believe in a turnaround.


Your analysis matches what I came up with as well. I do put the final bottom at 4800 due to the 78 fibonacci retracement level and a long term trend line adding support at that level.


I’m good mate no need to rush old papa bear :bear: im no day trader so I will sit back and watch u young bucks chase pumps and lambos. Good luck on ur day trades mate :+1:t2:


On target to fill my bags by end of june mate…then I will just Hodl …So much other stuff in life to do, Im not a materialistic fella,my old works van is fine… :joy:
I just want to do my bit for the revolution… :bitrocket:



you ready to short the £ today against the $ easy money buddy :sunglasses:


Mate im back on btc for the tea time hunt the stops game…:joy:
250 pipper in 4 minutes days work done!




Order chart for the past week. Blue haze? Unfilled orders, btc bobbing and weaving, out smarting everyone. Not rigged? :joy:

If you don’t get it, look twice. Triple bottom :wink:



Weekly :btc:

Daily :btc:

Just saying :man_shrugging: .


i honestly don’t know what you are showing me here :face_with_monocle: