Will bitcoin drop lower? 🦑



Buckle up for impact @ 4.5k usd? :beetconnect::beetconnect::beetconnect::beetconnect:


4.5k is still distribution, why not go for sub 4k


Fuck Warren and Wells Fargo. Both of them huge crooks. Stealing a dollar and paying 10 cents in fines. That is their business model.


How about go to zero, that’s the bottom for sure because it can’t be negative. :smile:
That we start from there and up.


Don’t give @leetorres a public woody! Just sayin I have my dinner to digest.


I’m still putting the final bottom at the 78.6 % fibonacci retracement line which I take to be around 4800. This is the retracement we saw on the NASDAQ after the dotcom bubble popped.


Dan Moorhead said $6500 was the bottom back in April :grimacing:

He also said ICON was his funds biggest investment. :cryingjordan:

:redflag: :warning: :rotating_light:



No fear at all. So it goes down. So what. Unless your a trader a shorting. Or Unless you need the monies and need to cash out. Otherwise collect more. DCA. All the big players know crypto is NOT GOING TO GO AWAY! Ask yourself why are big dogs getting involved? Why would they spend billions to start exchanges? Why are some countries fully going to crypto? Yes, there is so much positive news when you gather info it’s sick. I’m buying more. All the way to the bottom. Where ever that is, I don’t care cause when it explodes…and it will. I’ll have that much more in the game. I’m not looking to make a few hundred or a few thousands right now. Long term baby. That’s the real winners. It’s proven . Stay strong pubbers! :muscle:t5:


can you please share a screenshot?



I believe this market is so manipulated that using traditional analysis of any kind is probably pointless. Too small market cap and too many super whales. It all started to go wrong with bitcoin futures.



CZ is even saying it looks like the 2014 crash.

I think a peel back of 87% or more sounds right


So @leetorres is calling $2,600. Good luck with your shorts.


Doc is getting over excited, I have to admit…probably why he declined a price action thread…
He has no idea, mate…wants volume one day and moaning about short squeezes…but no volume tree shakes are capitulation… :wink:
BTC hard to fathom.Its hunting for stops on stupid leveraged trades thats doing the damage right now.age old classic manipulation trick employed by the big exchanges. sell up,switch off or dca if you want to add more…upped my holdings by a quarter to trade the bounces.

4 hour chart looks to be starting to putting a bottom in… lets enjoy the sunshine outside. :sunglasses:


I’ve been shorting it tough (still doing it) since 10k and i’m calling for sub 4k, thats the only price action i see :smile:

If a price action thread started, i think it would need to be done right. 85% would be grounded on btc and market fundamentals, 10% on volume analysis, 5% on chart patterns and other random TA. I think we’re already doing that in this thread to some extent

I think these guys can call the price action on bit cone and alt moon action, more interesting than 2014, regulations yada yada


Get it started dude…
Got to be more helpful to pub goers suffering losses at the moment than banging on about shorting and capitulation, you have been calling for it for over 2 years in commodity time… :thinking:
so… probably best not to do it on 3 minute charts… :joy:


Does anyone know what fud is causing the market to crash as this shouldn’t be happening


Are you serious mate? You’re meant to be all knowing! I don’t mind you sparky you mean well, but how can anyone take you seriously with some of the things you say? :joy:

It’s obvious why what’s happening is happening…sentiment…bottom not found…scared investors…inexperienced investors…market manipulation…uncertainty.

Don’t worry it will come full circle eventually.


All I know at this point is that whatever everyone is expecting to happen WILL NOT HAPPEN.

The whales are probably reading everybody’s predictions and just straight up goofing everyone e.g. 6th of every month thing.