Will bitcoin drop lower? 🦑



Thats only because branches and straw were hard to find …
Now you need cash deposit mate… :joy:


Without that inflation there wouldn’t be an NHS, Benifits Or Pensions the young are simply paying for the lazy the sick and the old but its all at breaking point mate which is why crypto BTC especially is of intrinsic value to the young generations they see what is coming the shift is truly up-on us. Things take time to change especially on a global level :btc: time is something i have and a chance is something i’m willing to take.


What makes u think the young are paying for it?
I do believe it was the old and frugal that built the pot when saving was the sensible thing to do. NHS is nothing like it use to be but I’m still grateful to have it ofcourse. As for the lazy they should make them work for there dole check even if it’s litter picking. The trouble with youth today is they don’t want to save but just spend money on the lastest must haves which turns out to be useless tat. The youth today earn far better than the last generation. I remember when it was the norm to go get ur shoes repaired or your clothes but today it’s a throw away generation.


#bourdainmindset coming at 2800

It’s been real y’all


Screw the baby boomers. I hope they lose it all in a massive wealth transfer to the millennial generation. Completely fucked this world over and brainwashed a generation to follow in their failed footsteps.

I hope they have to go back to work after they lose everything and discover all the great jobs they had were replaced by AI and blockchain.


Whoa let’s chill with the Holocaust denial


Lol baby boomers were hard workers. Youth today complain about a 40 hour week :joy:



Ther is a real move afoot to gas boomers tbh


Yes some people are lazy, but a lot I talk to are sick of paying for a world where they aren’t going to benefit from. The old world is on life support and I am not buying into it.


It’s like Logan’s run in this mother fuka


They’re not taking me to the sleepshop, I’d rather run :wink:


Sounds more like a negative mindset something baby boomers didn’t have


Anyone else notice when a baby boomer retires their job is eliminated and not replaced?

Oh yeah millennials keep working hard and you will be rewarded with the same benefits that the previous generation brainwashed you with. :carrot:

The only reason companies keep the baby boomers employed is because it costs too much in severance pay to get rid of their inefficient asses.


Yes I have a negative mindset towards a failed society. My mind is positive towards participating in building a new world and not keeping the old one propped up.


Triple bottom confirmed!!! Buckle up!
:bitrocket: :mooning: :rocket:


Well, in the chart, Bottom #1 was a bear trap.
It was not a drop after the peak. The bottom between 2 and 3 should be #2, right? or not?


Bottom #1 on that chart does not belong to the bubble deflation we are now experiencing, that is really odd

Between 2 and 3, we’re calling it a bottom. In reality though, it was a short squeeze that led to a rally that has now completly retraced


Gold also had a triple bottom. Btc going for the digital gold standard


Hey Hippie you’d fit right in with the rest of us dope smokin baby boomers. Yes and your right to think that we screwed up the next generation with our hippie communal ideals. Completely rekt this country. Fuck me and all the rest of the baby boomers.