Will bitcoin drop lower? 🦑



I hear ya. Some of us still have a day job. Can’t be trading all day long.

Screw it, I am a Hodler. Whales can play these games for the next decade, but know this “I am not selling”. It’s a spite thing now.


if we lose it wont be for lack of iron hands


god help us all…


I’ve been reading this a lot in this thread of a shake out of stupid money. You guys really think stupid money will be gone? Dumbasses will always be around… they’re resilient lol




Ya, these ranges are pretty manipulated. I rely on mainly volume profiles because it keeps it simple and its pretty reliable. And not all chart patterns and indicators are reliable all the time. Most of the time, they’re as good as a coin flip, that not so little secret of modern TA is often true :smile:

But ya, if i can’t hold a position overnight without a stoploss, i don’t usually mess with it. Work and family has gotten me pretty full time too


guys we need some more accurate price predictions in here or ill be forced to go back to youtube where its legit


Read the volume profiles and you’ll be able to reliably adjust even when the youtube guys are wrong, which is pretty often. Ernie/trader of futures though is pretty good


Either we’re going up to 9500 or down to 7200 over the next 2 weeks. :man_shrugging:


i just announced this red hot trade call in telegram group


So whats the call? I didn’t know you were running a trading signal group :joy: Whats gonna pump, when does it dump


its a group where absolutely none of the information sent out is actionable


Here we go again…


:bear: :sunglasses:


looks like a potential flirt with low 7’s


They’re on the attack


Lol…what Numpty is going to choose that pile of shit…
Circle Jerks comes to mind… :joy:
Bottom coming in on the 4 hour. .#8ktohold
happy trading…


Probably non tech mainstream people since it will be interoperable with other fiats. Goldman might as well go after the cash services like western union as well

I’ve had the same thought about windows for years, what numpy would choose that over linux

Its a good challenge, allt market needs to stop fudging around and create real value

Hashgraph for the bailout:


I dont mind trading…But, Im starting to think everyone is just starting to think fuck using that token I will make my own…Its becoming worrying… big business is just saying thats a great idea but i dont need your token.Im 90% alts .Im not happy about the way this is going.HST for example might as well sell up to the US government? But market caps are too high for buyouts to be considered when they can have their own blockchain teams.
Where does all this lead to…probably Bitcoin and ICX …?
Thinking a lot about dumping a lot of my little alts … :disappointed_relieved:
Maybe just hold platforms…
Any thoughts Pubbers…Bears or Bulls… ??


I think if companies want a custom blockchain for their business domain, whats stopping them from developing it in a inhouse project

I think when key protocol areas are identified, a pattening war will start. When it gets to that point, i can imagine they’ll have their own consensus conferences to discuss how the protocols are used in their existing specifications. For example, all the telecom companies come together to agree on standard specifications that everyone plays by so that their products are interoperable