Will bitcoin drop lower? 🦑



LOL…I dont own any of that shit…
Thats what BTC dust is for…
maybe I could lose a few KMD… :thinking:


You’ve lost all credibility with that comment. No respect for the one true coin that bred all of your precious alts.


This is also how I am Kenzie. Always with the good ideas.


Gotta have balance in life :yin_yang:


Yes reason I’ve stopped looking at price. It sucks in this space you can’t repay keep up with the news and not know the price.


Truth is If you buy Bitcoin you have to look at it from the mining perspective or you won’t win. As long as they keep on mining BTC will remain alive.
They are all out there looking for that last coin. That last coin will be worth trillions so my will be with hundreds of thousands of thousands if not a million.


I agree. I was meditating on this thought earlier. I hope in the next year we can be talking more about the tech and adoption and less about the price.


Yup something like this happens and I immediately check the pub and plot a troll.


I’ve been saying for weeks that this market is manipulated, thanks for the compliment :wink:

I referred to the retail investor reactions


They gonna keep mining for profit. Profits don’t assume? Then guess what stop mining until its profitable again.


Take it with a grain of salt even it is fake news, you can’t denied the possibility of it happen

Also show some respect k?


they have moved 8K dude…its cool


Retail investors don’t have enough power to start the chops its the panic that follows after that the retailers fuel.

Everyone there is a Trans believe it, someone is out there mining that.


Respect? Foolish comment. You buy into fake news and join. The madness. Do you even consider the miners? It’s mathematically impossible for bitcoin to be hurt by one single man. It’s a rink of birkshire thugs.


I have got this all wrong,
I have been buying today…:thinking:


To a cold wallet not an exchange. Fools.


Those Berkshire baffons are some of the smartest business and economic brains in the world. They didn’t just get given money as he started out with a handfull of $1 dollar bills.
A wise person would listen to there experience and take note. When warren dies much knowledge will be lost forever


8K of BTC isn’t even worth the news. $70 Million trades over lunch hour.


Calm your boots MJ!


Lmfao you are a dinosaur like them. They have kept you standing in line for a 401k and a pension your whole life. You worship these criminal thugs do you have any idea how many children they molested? How many people they forced out on the street? How many farmers and their families they’ve killed off.

Nothing to learn from them but debt death and despair. I’d ratherearn from bitcoin, free peer to peer digital gold.

Number one fool on the pub Sparky.