Will bitcoin drop lower? 🦑



If you want to be rich you have to join the club. Those men in black brought them a contract to.


When Taurus enters Uranus…
You have bigger problems than buying the BTC dip… :rofl:


Nice try on changing the subject. But the flollery has gone on enough I’m not letting this thread survive.



Uranus is the butt of many elementary school jokes (pun very intended), but in astrology, this planet means serious business. Uranus is the celestial body connected to innovation and revolution, so its movement across the zodiac signifies distinctive chapters in our lives and in society at large. Uranian energy is unpredictable (the planet also governs earthquakes), and we can be sure that its motion will always shake things up.

Now that Uranus is shifting into Taurus, new areas of our lives are coming into focus. Taurus is an earth sign associated with the physical realm, including anything and everything that activates the five senses. It anchors itself in reality, so through 2026, we can expect Uranus’s rumbles to have tangible impacts on the material world, especially regarding finances, food, and the environment


Does everyone in your chat room talk like you? Screw the pub, how do i get an invite :joy:


Hey your missing Pluto…
I liked that bit best…Its far out there on its own…just like Bitcoin… :wink:


If u want to be rich u have to work hard and be frugal with money. These people didn’t just have cash fall on there lap and they are still working in there 90,s and yet people here who haven’t made it want to retire at 30. Do u see the difference ?


So am i getting that invite?


Yes one has realized the illusion of monetary systems and the games the social structures play to keep you broke and one hasn’t. You being in the ladder group.


It was empty today. Only the mod and a few others. Crazy in the rally. Can’t invite I don’t have rights.


wow this Thread went a little crazy today what have i missed :joy:


Anyway back to today’s dip. You could not make this shit up


More FUD and fake news…major modern day economics crooks play the role in manipulation throw a couple headlines up to mask the damage they have done.


The pub loves me what can I say


moment of truth, i’m betting on it going up


Why what have you said :joy:



Welp. Just incase it drops a good chunk, I’ll deposit some money then. :bitrocket::rofl:


Shit don’t work…


are we getting the 8200?


Credo Mutwa explaining about the Chitauri…
Ancient Reptilian race that changed humanity.