Will bitcoin drop lower? 🦑



Brilliant :rofl: All those who didn’t understand the tech behind crypto and got greedy ended up getting stung…

don’t need folk like that dabbling in btc. Best they stay well away. Comments were great, made me laugh :joy:


Does anyone have a sense of what volatility is going to be for the foreseeable future? Either dollar ranges or percentage moves?


Bitcoin will fall again after it hits 12k :smiley: gl to you all out there.


What makes you say that? Of course there will be ups and downs, but I doubt it will fall from 12k to anything that low. Maybe back to 9 or 10k


Well, hopefully you’re right. There isn’t enough volume to keep this up. We will probably go down under 6k.


It takes volume to go down too. Just as much as it takes to go up.


Interesting ARTICLE


Yeah I dont think its that reasonable to keep saying it will dip to 6k and below. It seems people will still be saying that when we are at 20k.

Of course it could happen, but we could just consolidate and keep going up!


The bears are waiting for bitcoin to hit the CLEAR resistance at 12k


IF it goes through 12k then we will hit 15k as that is our next resistance. Then skydive down :slight_smile:


And if it goes to 15k and hits resistance there, where do you imagine it will skydive down to?


This is my opinion though. I will make money either way :slight_smile: Adapt to the chart.


Happy Chinese New Year fellow crypto nation! The madness is not over I think haha red pockets will be flying everywhere


I belive that it will retrace back to -6k, probably 5k no matter what happens, based on fibonacci retracement levels.
I think we have to consider both bearish and bullish scenarios before reacting.


I know in the past when BTC has gone on a bull run ALTS have suffered. I keep reading posts on reddit with people expecting that to happen soon, so they said they sold everything for BTC.

What do you guys think about this? It seems the landscape is very different, many of the strong ALTS have a lot more of the market share, and many of them seemed to be very independant from BTC.

I wonder if this time, ALTS will be more likely to follow BTC on a run. I’m fairly new so Im just trying to work out if I have too much invested in Alts


yep, many alts will be sucked by BTC if it bull runs, it has happened before and the reason why alts had a great run is because BTC slowed down and went downhill, so money moved positions.


Reading all those comments makes me want to buy more BTC. haha


I cant help but feel that coins in the top 10 or 20 will all rise together. But maybe thats just wishful thinking. BTC dominance has diminished a lot, and many coins seem to be considered on an individual basis. But then again if some people start jumping to BTC, then it starts a chain reaction

Do any of you guys sell your alts into BTC in these situations?


The majority of people in the U.S.A are getting paid tomorrow…will we see a price drop today and then a massive boner tomorrow…idfk
but something does feel weird especially when looking at the TMC.


down 40% the past 30 days. id wait for a tend upward.