Will bitcoin drop lower? 🦑



I think if people are imagining a 800 or 1k pullback which is possible and has happened quite a lot then if you are putting a whole BTC into it can make you a nice amount. But its super risky, and it can leave you behind. If you are willing to risk a couple of hundred dollars to possibly make 3 or 4 times as much it can be worth it. But yeah you need the capital to start with


Damn gl… ive been on both sides of the game doing it… most recently lost a btc cause of it lol


With the gains i had made with trades… taxes fuck that shit up… i would either need to risk a lot of btc or be patient…im not willing to do either now hah


Man there is a battle going on right now! I dont think its a particularly safe time for me to try and make some trades!


It’s all about timing and ofcourse never use your main investment as your gambling money. I think we already knew that from the start after you finish the B90x. I’m not certain if @Blynker is doing all in on this things but i won’t definitely not gonna do this as i find you right about that part, risking something you probably cannot afford to lose is a really bad thing to start your ventures on.

Now that we are done with that a lot of TA telling about a total berish trend right now that what’s happening right now is just to test if we are capable of getting beyond 10k or not. We almost got there but sadly as you probably could see now the BTC went down like a rock couple of minutes ago.


I would have bought that 9500 drop if I had any money. That will definitely bounce, at least enough to make profit with potential to break 10k.


I shoulda sold! :joy::joy: jk. It would mooned if i did that


For anybody with Fiat looking to buy more ETH or BTC, not trading…when do you consider buying? I keep finding a reason not to, but thats led me from 6k all the way to 9.5k! Mainly because of all the fudders saying we are going down to 3 or 4k! Do you think thats even possible now, or can we fairly safely say the bottom has been ? Its hard for a noob like myself to know for sure :slight_smile:


It’s ALWAYS possible. Just buy now and HODL until it goes higher if you always worry so much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will it drop below 9k in the future? Probably.

Will it go over 10k in the future? Definitely.


Anything under 10k is probably a steal.


Its been interesting to watch ICX during this whole thing. It didnt do as well as other coins of similar rank, and even now as things drop it drops a bit more than most. Maybe it was just a bit overhyped before and people lost a little faith. Im still super bullish in the long run, but would have been nice to see it weather the storm like NEO or VEN!


I am a bit disappointed as well, but probably just goes to show the impatience and short-sightedness in the crypto space. Generation ADHD.


Yeah I think we all felt so good about ICX, it was a bit confusing to see it struggle so much when so many coins were holding up well. There must have been a reason for that that we dont know about! Maybe they were selling a lot in Asia. Or maybe it was just a bit overpriced to start with. It’ll have its time :slight_smile:


I think a lot of it has to do with FUD over Korean regulations. In the end, what else can we do but invest in solid projects? Well hey, we could be chasing the next shitcoin pump, but that usually doesn’t end well for most.

Coins like ICX explode one day out of nowhere. Neo dragged around 30 usd for a year. I sold it probably just a week before it exploded to over a hundred. Trying not to make the same mistake again.


For icon lets just wait for the ICX/KRW pretty much. As of now if you don’t mind gambling just ride the hypetrain while it last.


Whats ICX/KRW? And do you mean riding the hype train for ICX? I feel like the hype has kind of died off a bit with its recent performance


You guy’s want too see something sad ?



Poor bitcoin being bullied.


Neo dragged around 30 usd for a year

3 months, not a calendar year.

Definitely a crypto year!


think we will see btc rise in march. from my noob TA skills.