Will bitcoin drop lower?



Hey man, thanks for that video. I subscribed, that was by far the best explanation of how to trade for a newbie like myself. :slight_smile:


He really makes a lot sense. Good old fashioned support, resistance and volume, and no Elliott wave voodoo.


Ya i really like his videos, he’s like a trader’s technical analyst, everyone walks away with somthing solid


Yeah with some of the advice I got here yesterday and that guys videos, it finally makes some sense. I would feel much more comfortable making a trade already. But I’ll wait! Bed time here in asia, can you americanse keep thing stable until i wake up please!! :slight_smile:


Sold mine around 8700. Hope this was the right decision!


Depends on why you sold it i guess. But if you wanna buy more from it then you did the right move since it’s already down 200$ from the price where you sold it. Mine i exchanged my btc to eth and bought some xRP.


Yes, I want to buy in lower. The question now is, who long dare I wait, lol.


Probably going to bounce between 8400 and 8700 if it doesn’t break down to 8k support.

Edit: Actually may not go below 8,5 for now… but what do I know.


Yeah, I bought in again. Don’t have the stomach for this, lol.


Ya, when you sell, your heart beat will go up. I tend to watch the 4 hour, knowing that you need to give it time. If i suspect buying pressure, i switch to the 2 hour. Like what happened yesterday, buyers came in, but i noticed them exhausting over time so waited on buying in, it looked like it would drop more, which it did


I usually end up feverishly watching the 30 min. Hmm.


All I know is that when this is over and we are on the uptrend, i’ll sell some of my gains for a psychiatrist visit :crazy_face:

nah jk, all good here, I’m still positive and in a learning curve, Would like to hoard but with my inexperience I think i’d be doing the opposite lol


Yeah, the thing is I want to buy some alts too, like ICX, which usually swings around same time as BTC. So waiting too long before buying back into btc could loose me ICX, even I don’t loose any BTC.


C’mon BTC shit or get off the pot. Is this dip gonna happen? I can’t handle sideways action.


Lol. Patience my friends. Maybe take a vacation from the screen for couple weeks. Everyone seems like on the edge lately due the market being down

Once the sec hearing is over this week it will be better


Is the SEC hearing the 14th?


Yup, the meeting is on the 14th

I’m noticing volume slowing down, and this wave has less spark than the previous up wave. Not sure that theres enough juice right now to break 9k resistence. I’m guessing that the hearing will tilt this either up or down


From what i know there should be a G20 meeting too around the 14th? anyone who knows more about that?
IMO G20 is scary bc if they decide something basicly the whole world has to follow up.


Maybe it’s all happened while you guys are asleep, but the volume looks pretty good to me approaching 9k again. Will be interesting to see what happens!


Yes, i hope we break 9k. I’m still holding mainly btc, but i’m preparing for worst. I sold some btc and changed into fiat, and switched a nice % into neo. I wiIl even go into tehter and rebuy lower if i have to. Though i dont want to, it feels like luke skywalker crawling into a dead horse like creature in order to survive a snow storm

But i would prefer up. Volume is better, but we need more, still tickling 9k. Off to bed, hope for good news in the morning