Will bitcoin drop lower? 🦑



you can have 2 indicators for free in trading view, but if you pull up another chart you can have another 2 and so on.


the cleaner your charting system idicators etc, the better off you will be in seeing the trend.when you first start you do seem to have loads on there and you just go round in circles…also, always look left before looking right on the chart, you need a monitor,trying to see left on a laptop wont help your trading education


Thanks mate. I dont actually use any indicators! The only guy I understand properly is Dan from the Chart Guys, who seems to mostly follow higher highs and lows etc.

But yes I need to learn a lot more. Where did you learn it all?


you could start here :bitrocket:


Funny you should say that, I am a few videos away from that on the B90x!


Ha Ha, Im still learning mate, i have had dvd seminars,online and read books.I’m not sure if im allowed to say on here, but baby pips is a great place to start, obviously peter has done a great job in 90 days but if you want to google it and try it.


Thanks. Isnt baby pips for Forex trading. You think its applicable to crypto?


Yes it is mate, but the intro course covers tech analysis…I come from forex and i can say crypto follows tech analysis way more easier to understand. The holy grail is never going to be found but if you can get in somewhere near the bottom and sell near the top then you can increase your bags a little.


Thanks man. I’ll look into it :slight_smile:

So far I’ve bought in high and managed to hold through thick and thin!


no worries, if you dont have any indicators on your chart, try macd but use a 40 140 9 setting, you will see then how it works as a trend indicator better. If you keep those settings and make a million… drop me a bitcoin…:wink:


Ha, well right now I’m down about 9k! So you might be waiting a while…When I make a million it will be when 1 BTC is worth 1 million! :slight_smile:


:rofl: Im a holder mate but i use tech A to keep buying in. Always have a plan is the main lesson and never buy in one go ladder into a position.Cheers.


If you told me that a few weeks ago Id be in profit right now and I could give you that Bitcoin! :wink:


ahh, Im sorry about that, well look at it as a journey, trading will help develop you as a person,you will learn a lot about yourself,its ok to make mistakes as long as you take something from that experience and turn it into a positive.Always keep a little cash spare for when fud over rides tech and watchout for france and germany trying to ban crypto next month!


sounds like a great plan to eventually own alot of something thats worthless.


Every time scale predicts different movements of BTC atm… 4 hour definitely looks like this is a possibility.
If you don’t want the price to drop through the floor, pray it keeps an upward trend now rather than turning. :smiley:


Hey hey jooo - it’s me again and i will bring some buy pressure in tha house :grin: #FOMO

So much negative vibrations in here - keep cool folks :cowboy_hat_face:


i exchanged my BTC, ETh, LTC about 30% holding to USD today, parking it for the dip. will use those to buy when appropriate


in b4 there is n0 d1p.


Everyone preppin for the dip all last week. Where the dip at??

All I seen all week is a stable price in the $8k range.