Will bitcoin drop lower?



So to all of you who believe Bitcoin is going further down; did you sell your Bitcoin already?


Ya, i’m also concerned by the lack volume. I think we’ve been trending up because binance came back, but the volume isn’t giving an :explopants:


I will likely sell some after we hit resistence lines again, but i need confirmation


is your resistance level is around 9k ?


Oh boy here comes the Olympic dive, sooner than i expected it to be. Time to make some money boys hop in and enjoy the performance and enchantment of Bitcoin :saitama:


Well it’s certainly dropping now.


If i see it correctly, think the tip of the candle will go through around 9200 ish, the pattern has been consistent for me for the past few days, so i’m gonna wait for this to develop

But i should get a disclaimer badge that says this is not financial advice lol


After buying it back from 8.5k instant sold it at 8750$ because of guts and finally my guts actually sided on me for once. I was never happy staying up till 16:00 to see this happen i was about to sleep and call it a day. I think if it goes below 8300 the next realistic support is 8200.


Things seems to have stabilized again for now.


Ya, i know what you mean. I though that we would hit support at 8400, thats where we are now. Just need it to bounce off the resistence and make a decision, i’ve been watching this setup develop for 5 days now

But i bough some btc just now while we wait to hit resistence


I swing traded 2x time more since the last time replied that will wrap up my 24hours marathon. Bought in yesterday 18:00 CET around 6800€ in coinbase which is 8300$ and after the marathon here is the result :saitama:

Is it worth it? Honestly no, but atleast i know it’s kinda possible with the help of tons of coffee, Netflix Movies and a lot of standing up for me to not fall asleep.


Another thing that can be done, is draw horizontal support and resistence areas in the area you think that you will buy or sell, and set multiple rungs/orders there. If you have 10 rungs on your ladder, maybe only 3-5 will be triggered, but you will be able to sleep, and whatever doesn’t get triggered, it will allow you to have cash on hand

But ya, that sounds pretty intense :fist:


Hello fellows,

I just try to keep things simple by following three rules I’ve for myself:
-Not trying to predict the future. (highs and lows, though I have the trust for long term in cryptocurrencies)
-Investing regularly (once in a week), no matter what the chart looks like.
-Don’t put all the eggs in one basket.

By following these rules I have a plan, I don’t panic and I’ll be sure I get my coins from the “bottom” as well.
These are not for maximizing the profits but more like minimizing the risk.
I have to admit, sometimes I increase my weekly purchases when the price is below the long term trend and vice versa, and that’s what I do when I try to predict the future :slight_smile:

Will bitcoin drop lower? I don’t know and I don’t care…



I like that - minimising risk :+1:





In my video today I mentioned that long term up trend, I’m glad other people are seeing that


ive sold progressively out since 14k all then bought back a bunch at 7200, 7000, 6800.

i have sell orders in at 6000 , 5500, and 5000. id be 100% out if it dipepd below 5k


Can I ask why you wait until 6000 to sell out? When we are at 8250 right now? Do you not also think if it dipped below 5k it could likely bounce back very quickly under that price? I’m trying to make some decisions about what i should do, but I’m not very experienced so just gathering information.

I wish I’d done what you did and sold at 14k, I so nearly did but freaked out and paid the price!


I still think we’re in the early stages of the bubble popping, but it is interesting and noteworthy there was significant volume in the bounce at 6k. It took awhile for the money to flow in, it’ll take awhile to flow out.


When you say the bubble popping, you dont think crypto is going up anytime soon?