Will bitcoin drop lower?



It’s amazing how people seem so sure of such polar opinions! We won’t see 6k, we will…it’s just as silly of me to ask I guess as it is to make predictions!

But all this waiting is making me anxious :wink:


When it hits 12k, do you still think we will go back down ? you can till next year for it to drop again.


To be honest I have no idea! I’m quite new to still feeling things out. I got in way too high and I’m trying to be patient rather than fomoing, by I don’t know what’s right!


I’m actually confused about what I want! Part of me wants it to drop so I can buy a bit lower. Another part would prefer to just start the long climb back to my buy in price! Then it will probably crash again :slight_smile:


Some charts on Trading View telling that it will go back to 6k next week before going up to a higher high than this week. This is not a FUD or something but i believe he said that this is just artificial pump by a group of people or corporate to make people buy thinking it will go up and scoop them when it goes back down.

Looking at what happened to XRP today it sounds plausible that it will be the case. Hopefully not because it’s kind of scary for new people to come in knowing there might be a group of people rich enough to manipulate the market in such way.

For people who are interested to read about this i will link it below
PS : If i’m not allowed to put some links to it let me know i’ll remove it down.


I was thinking of selling some btc last night to prepare for the next drop but i didn’t, that would’ve been the best time if there is manipulation to cause the bottom to fall out :thinking: But ya, that massive green pump at the bottom looked really shady

I think its good that new people realize that the market is manipulated early on, IMHO


Been following some chartists on Twitterverse and they’re pretty convinced we will be testing 4.8k in the next 6 days or so before going back to the moon.

Not sure what to make of it.


Doesn’t really matter. All that matters is if you believe we’ll go over 9k again or stay below forever. :stuck_out_tongue:
I think we all agree we’re going up eventually.


they’re guessing.

in a game where it either goes up or down, you’ll be right half the time


Ya, i only occasionaly follow chartistst that take the bigger context into consideration, otherwise i dont think you can trade off those lines they make

To honest, i dont understand all their calls so i just ignore them


i would like to see some more TA or atleast the reason behind the thoughts.
there is alot of “its going to 5k or its going to 15k”. ofcourse its gonna go to one of the 2 but i would like know why you think its one or the other not just what u think.

imo we just ended wave 4. 1st wave was 17.7k to 9.k, 3rd wave was 12.9k to 6k and now i think we’re in wave 5 which would be 9k to 4.5/5.5k

i would like to hear u guys opinion on this.


Why would there always be 5 waves? Not 4, not 7, but 5? Seems arbitrary to me.


Confidence is back, the public starts investing in BTC again, if the next hearing is positive BTC will see 16k really soon.


That is Elliot. I use alot of elliot in my TA’s actually did it on the 13k and 9k peak which worked out perfect for me. Everyone is different and everyones TA’s will be different this is just my thought with the reason behind it :wink:

i hope we get some more thoughts behind the choises because i think thats where we all can learn ALOT!


you have TA or any info for backing this up? seems like some random numbers if u ask me


I know. My point is that the belief in there always being 5 waves sounds like nothing more than a good story to me. This is not a theory that is backed up by data. But if it works for you, and you feel you can predict the market using it, then I suppose all is good.



I agree totally.

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Honestly the only reason why i normally read and try to do research on this things so i can sell BTC to Tether on the highest price possible and buy it back at lower prices even if it’s slightly lower only than my original price since i don’t have to worry about paying extra.


Do you also sell off all your alts into BTC, then tether, in anticipation of this price drop? When BTC tanks, we can expect alts to tank even harder.