Will bitcoin drop lower?



Stock market tanking and BTC rallying. Gonna be hard to ignore these gains.


BTC gonna mooon !!!


It’s moving now. :hot_pepper: :bitrocket:


delay of launch… fuel truck is running late.


We’re testing the next resistence at 8900 ish, this is positive, still trading at an upward channel. Think we will test support next at 8300 ish if we don’t break through


It’s over 9000!


What do you guys think of this analysis. Not so positive! ;



This is good. Bitcoin still has alot of resistance on the way up so, let’s see how it goes.


Hey guys. I want to be ready in case we drop back down. Could you give some advice…

If I have all my BTC on GDAX ready for a drop. What is the best way to execute this kind of trade, trying to sell and buy back in lower?

In this situation would you just try and be ready and do a market sell? Or would you do it with a limit order, or stop loss or limit? Obviously they are all possibilities but what would you go form

Also, any thoughts on what might be a key price point that this kind of breakdown might happen? Seems strong now but I want to be prepared



AGGHHH now it’s over 9k and I have more FOMO than when i brought at 7K!


Look at xRP its going berserk awhile ago :doge:


volume was going up by 10,000-20,000 every second for a few minutes there… big money?


I saw a wall of 600k xRP just sold instantly. I had xRP since 8000sats still looking at it when this green candles stop. Then i sell the xRP that i didn’t wanted to hold anyways.


BTC looks oversold now - anyone getting in at that discount? :money_mouth_face:


Guys I keep reading people saying this isn’t over, we will go back down and retest 6k or break through to new lows. It’s so easy to get influenced by everything you read!

What do you think, have we seen the bottom? Hang onto some fiat in case or get in now!?


tbh i think we just saw the 5th wave of the uptrend. imo we will slowly fall back to 6k retest and probably hit 4.500/5.500 before we go in the official uptrend


You tell me, we’ll either break 10k or 6k in the next week. :slight_smile:


Forgot to share this. Somebody linked it to me yesterday. If I understand it correctly a whale got liquidated and lost 90 million USD on BTC last night.


BTC will hit 10k end of weekend, you had your chance at 6k bro.


I’m not counting elliot wave patterns at this point, i can’t get any of it to fit, i think we might break out soon after we test support again

Then again, some of this added volume might be coming from binance trading again, where are the whales when you need them :crazy_face: