Will bitcoin drop lower? 🦑



Hello people do you think bitcoin will drop lower maybe $8000?
Not sure if to buy now or wait any sound advice would be grateful and I know people can’t predict the future . Thank you

The bottom is not close
Bitcoin to top US$29,000 by year’s end while ethereum may more than triple

Usually when btc get oversold and hit this mark on the RSI is going up again so you can wait maybe 2 days max before buy more but under 8000 i dont think so


i think it may hit as low as 5K-6K

i was out at 12K i will buy back in once i has a 10-15% run back up


Lower than right now, yeah. To 8k? Ehh you might be playin with fire


the psychological barrier of 10k of bitcoin is very strong,

i do not think it will drop below 10k

unless S.Korea ban crypto trading like what china did


Yea, I think it drops to 6k…:neutral_face:


Yeah back to $8k I am thinking


Any reasoning behind everyone’s low #s? Or are we just throwing numbers around?


Don’t underestimate the psychological barrier of 10k. if it dips below that i would not expect it to go down more then a high 8.


I agree with you as I could see it going back down to those levels before rising again. I did a few other charts in other similar threads.


It’s looking like it will go below 10k. If it does, it will drop fast. BTC is looking pretty unhealthy right now.

I’m not concerned about the price drop, I’m concerned about the 1000’s of burned investors who will now have a bitter taste in their mouth and will exit the game. Crypto already has an ‘unstable’ view about it, this dip will not help that one bit if it keeps falling without correction soon. Bad for the reputation of the whole game.


dunno man, looks like dey payin’ $14k over in Korea.


Honestly I think this is the healthiest it has looked in a while. We went stupid for a few weeks.


Ya only get burned if you panic sell :troll:


This is it isn’t it’s the people that got in December time that will be holding the bag while other people leave with there money. Don’t know what I would do if I paid nearly $20000 and it dropped to 10k or less. It’s all well and good saying hodl but most people have a safety barrier now of 5x + and the cost of entry was far lower when they purchased. If u paid 20k it a whole different story and if bitcoin get 50k + think if it drops then and it dosnt go back up that’s suicide for people. I honestly feel bad for people who bought at the peak


By “burned investors”, I think you meant “traders”. Smart investors don’t get burned because they HODL! Only blind traders who know nothing about the technology will panic sell.


Mike novagratz believes we will see a 5k bitcoin this year. Not sure if he is a expert but he has grown 250m rich from it


He’s a nobody. This is a decentralized world. No one can dictate or predict.


Whales can dictate the price mate :shushing_face:


it’s pretty low now. for a sec there I had to make sure my coinbase widget was still reporting in USD lol