Why Patreon Matters for YouTubers... 👀



:point_up: :point_up: :point_up: :point_up: :point_up: because of stuff like this.

we’ve been waiting months to get clearance for monetization… and are well beyond the requirements! they have not offered any response other than “sorry, be patient…”… ugh!

unlike YT, we were able to start “monetizing the channel” (i.e. supporting the growing technology costs) via Patreon immediately…frustrated, but, hopeful.

just so glad we have folks partnering with us.

anyways… youtube…


Youtube can blow me. I feel bad about content creators who actually NEED youtube to survive.
Y’all are a blessing for sure. Y’all are the best!


It’s a shame actually. I remember getting partnered through Fullscreen sometime in 2011, and it wasn’t nearly as hard to get a partnership. So many hands in the money pot as well as agendas being pushed that Youtube is starting to get weird to use on a daily bases. It used to be more community centered when Youtube first came out, but that part is gone.


Peta… You may have a problem with monitization anyway because of the F-Bombs. Don’t change that… It makes things funnier!

Also, the fact that Decentralization is not aligned with Google’s interests - being that they are in bed with the government and providing them with constant data on everything.