Why does this man's face show up on my account?


…Just wondering. I am not actually a man, and would like to have a blank, boring picture.

; )


Faces are randomly allocated to accounts if you don’t choose your own avatar.
You can edit your profile with whatever you would like your avatar to be.


Click on the current picture, top right of your screen. Then click on the little settings icon. Then scroll down to edit profile pic.


Until you become a Patreon your gender is up to pub itself. The pub has a mind of its own. Like a magic 8 ball but without the dice and blue water.


yeah…; ))


Random crypto personalities lol


So you went from being displayed as a man while not actually being a man to being displayed as a celestial being… welcome to the Bitcoin Pub :joy:


lol ! looks like you know the merkaba…and anyways, we might as well come out of hiding.