Why does Coinbase charge almost $100 more


Why does Coinbase charge almost 100 dollars more than what BTC is trading for?


coz that is one of the ways that they make money


its just trading at that price on their exchange, called GDAX… it can be slightly different than the price on other exchanges


Because they’re a fiat gateway and not an exchange. GDAX is the actual exchange. With coinbase you pay “market” price according to GDAX exchange. On GDAX you can set your own limit orders.


That makes a lot of sense


So you would say its better to buy on Gdax


Limit orders are key. If you haven’t heard the “free fee hack” on Coinbase to GDAX back to Coinbase here you go…
Coinbase charges 1.5 percent on the amount of Bitcoin you buy straight through that wallet. To get around this fee, First transfer fiat $ from your bank to your Coinbase fiat $ wallet.
Then transfer your fiat $ to GDAX.
Then limit order fiat to BTC.
Once your order fills youll have x amount of BTC.
Then transfer that BTC back to Coinbase OR to a hard wallet (preferred).
All this is done without being charged a fee for buying Bitcoin. WooHoo!!


That’s why I fuck with thebitcoin.pub I get all the good info.


one hundred percent better, you can set a limit order and wait for a little up and down and catch it at a better price…