Who's still mining and HODLing?



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Thanks moderators for taking out that scam post. Scammers irritate me…


BTW guys, is there any difference between the 1080 Ti cards? I’m looking at the “Real boost clock: 1670 MHz” (SC2 model 11G-P4-6593-KR) and the “Real boost clock: 1582 Mh/z” (model 11G-P4-6591-KR) and there’s a $40 price difference on Amazon. Will this affect my hashrate while mining ETC with the ethenlargement pill?


It might make a slight difference of a few percent on algorithms that use core. You can probably make the difference up by overclocking the memory. BTW, core boost and core speed has no effect on Dagger Hashimoto algorithm used for Ethereum Classic or Ethereum. I set mine to minus 400, to save power.


Dang Amazon quickly increased their prices on the 1080 Ti’s…probably because of the many negative sentiment on the youtube videos? Anyhow, I managed to get a 1080 Ti on B&H Photo website for $689…plus it comes with that free dongle attachment thingy, no tax, but they charged $24 shipping to Hawaii. I was gonna wait for the 2070’s, but decided to make this rig, the 10 series rig. If I decide to expand a little more, I’ll look into the 2070s at a later date and probably just build a separate rig with four of these cards and call it a day. No more building rigs after this lol…a hobby, a hobby…


I doubt the 2070 will be faster than the 2080. Based on the benchmarks popping up around Youtube and other tech sites, the 1080ti beats the 2080 on benchmarks that count, and are significantly cheaper.

The prices for 1080Ti’s have also increased around online retailers in Australia. Looks like the 2080 and 2080Ti cards are a massive disappointment.


Now that there are ASICs and FPGAs for the main cryptos - why are people still thinking of getting into GPU mining?


Not sure mate. I’ve switched to ASIC mining for now, I just keep my 1080Ti rigs and 1070Ti rigs running when the sun is up, off on peak electric times in the evening.

I’ll sell all my GPU rigs in a heartbeat if someone would buy them.

If I can’t sell them I’ll try a quad SLI with 1080Ti’s instead of getting the 2080Ti, LOL


Is it worth it to try mining Bitcoin itself with HIVEOS and four GTX 1070 and two GTX 1080 Ti GPUs? I’m currently mining Ethereum classic right now but I’m wondering if it’s better to just mine ETC and exchange that for bitcoin through an exchange or try to attempt mining bitcoin with GPUs? I know what some people gonna say, “just buy it directly through an exchange”. But I wanna get into this mining game and experience it. The negative side in attempting to mine another coin with another algorithm is losing the ethash ethenlargementpill feature that I’m using right now for ETC…which is largely another factor for me to continue mining Ethereum classic and consider selling it for BTC now or HODL ETC and sell for BTC later…

If it is good to mine BTC with the above rig, what mining pool and miner do you recommend?


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Guys don’t click on that post above, its spam. jstreload is spam! Don’t click on that link “GO HERE”. Gotta be kidding me to believe I’m gonna click that.


i am sorry you are not well informed. It is ok. next time dont ask for advice and assume the response you get is coming from a bad place. oh and btw just clipped 300000 doge coins on my “spam” setup go figure.


First off, your post makes no sense to me. You are telling me to click on a link because you’re cranking out 500 hashes per sec and to get a multicoin payout. Why can’t you just type on here what you’re doing to get this rate? For someone to just joined the forum several minutes prior with terrible grammar makes me think of a scam unless you can prove otherwise, then I could be in the wrong to accuse you. Then you private message me to click on your facebook page, “really bud read my profile here is my facebook.com/happyjobless and my skype dscholtens00@hotmail.com”, you must be desperate.