Which US based exchange has the most USD pairings?


Which US based exchange has the most USD pairings? I know Coinbase plans to offer more coins later, but my eyes are focused on the end of April. I am almost solely in Bitcoin, with a hint of litecoin exposure.
I have NO intentions of trading my BTC, I hold for the long term. My plan would be to buy using fiat to avoid extra taxes, of exchanging BTC for any alt coin of interest. Coinbase seems great at tracking purchases, but limited for now.


If you do all of your transactions all at once you have very little taxes as the tax is only on the gain not the entire trade.

So if you bought $100 of BTC sent it to Bittrex and during that time the price went to $110 when you bought your alt. You would only pay taxes on $10 very minimal if you are looking at long term.

Secondly Outside of BTC/LTC/ETH I do not know of any crypto you can buy straight up for FIAT. Bittrex has USDT pairs but this is not true FIAT pair. Do not let the taxes hold you back if you are going long. They are very minimal.


I understand, for now will continue to focus on bitcoin. I want at 2 coins. Then I will play with alts.


I just signed up for Kraken. This has a USD pairing to literally every coin that I am seriously interested in. I am still working hard to get my wife’s moon ticket. I also truly enjoy Gemini.

It is nice to have the options I like available to me, when I feel the urge scope up some top tier alts.

Another plus is with Gemini and Kraken, Coinbase now unnecessary.
I will post my experiences with both later.