Which exchange is best for altcoins?


I am just getting set up to make some of my first trades and in the middle of B90X. I notices that bittrex is not allowing new accounts and would like to know what most of you are using for altcoins that offers easy trades and low fees.



Hey, welcome to the pub!

Binance is pretty good imo. Try us.binance.com

Good Luck!


thanks for the quick reply! I am looking at binance now but it is a bit confusing to me how they ask you to use BNB to trade with. Do most people buy BNB and trade with that or just do straight USD trades?

It just seems to me that BNB is jus another variable to think about when trading.


BNB is cheaper fees but can use BTC & ETH don’t use USDT it isn’t USD but a USD token (Tether) with shady things going on around it right now.

Only thing that may confuse you at first is trading with decimal numbers you’ll get used to it though. It’s still the same math involved with trading as dollars.


There’s really no question: Binance is unmatched. :slight_smile:

As for Bittrex, they have been pretty complacent lately in their progression and maintenance, plus the trading fees are outrageous. A lot of users have left in favor of Binance (myself included).


:+1:t3::+1:t3: thumbs up for binance too. No problems or issues as of yet.


lots of good info here! thanks everyone!
So this is my first attempt at trading and I deposited USD into coinbase. So I should next buy BTC or ETH from GDAX then transfer that to binance to buy BNB. Then I use BNB to make trades?

sounds like a long process lol


As stated above, Binance is a nice exchange for major alts.

For newer altcoins: Hitbit & CoinExchange
These 2 exchanges run slow for me and tend to crash.
Please take caution using smaller exchanges as it run a higher risk.
Remember to 2FA your accounts.


kucoin is great also is similar to binance


Yoo :bitrocket: Binance, Gate.io, yobit, cobinhood


You don’t have to convert to BNB. I only use BNB for the fees.

you can buy ETH and send that directly to Binance and use that ETH to buy your chosen altcoin.


A bit off topic but Steller XLM got added to Etoro (largest social trading platform) today. No alert was giving as far as I’m aware it just got added. Etoro now has 8 cryptocurrencies you can bet on (BTC, BCH, DASH, ETH, ETC. LTC, XRP & XLM) Sell/buy both available but XLM is being heavily brought on Etoro and from the social feed a trend seems people are selling XRP positions to allocate to XLM. XLM currently trading on etoro at $0.46 and coinpuffs is showing XLM at $0.41


Why nobody mentioned myetherwallet…
They host a plethora of ETH based coins and the ability to add.
I think I said that right.
My first post here!
Hello- Everyone!


Darn. I wanted to hear if anyone has looked into


Best for alts…

  1. Binance.com, easily the best, right? (too little USD pairs tho)
  2. Bitfinex.com, my personal fav exchange, best trading platform, best USD pairs
  3. Bittrex.com, many ppl love it, i personally do not like this one, but lots of alt choices
  4. HitBTC.com, decent at best, i hate their deposit fees

my honorable mentions would be Kucoin.com, Okex.com, & Gate.io

… cant wait for the best decentralized exchanges to come though :slight_smile:


I use Cryptoder and all prices with EUR. For my best exchange from Spain and offer 20 most popular cryptocurrency.