Which 1070 graphics card stands out for mining?


With holiday sales coming up, I’m planning on keeping my eyes out for a 1070 card, strictly for mining. With dozens of variations out there, anything make a particular card standout for mining?


None. Those times are long gone.


I’m a fan of the ASUS Strix edition but it only has a hashrate of about 50 sols/s more than the ASUS Dual Fan Overclock edition. I was actually thinking about making a video comparing the two.


I have to agree with @ImaginaryPi in that I love my Strix cards as they run extremely cool and have the additional ability to run external fans off of the graphics card so that it takes its temp into consideration.
I am an ASUS ROG fan boy at heart. Just a disclosure there.

EVGA is my back up especially for mining as they have the good ole “scratch and dent” section on their site which can save you a few bucks if you catch them in stock. In fact all of my dedicated mining cards are EVGA B-stock cards.


Are you smoking crack? I have loads of these GPUs and they’re all profitable. I have not had a single day this year when one of these cards did not make a profit. What makes you think their times are gone?


I agree. I am only a month or two away from paying off my two mining rigs and then it is straight profit minus electricity. My two rigs and 3 gaming machines bring in close to $400 a month at a cost of $130 or so in electric. A far cry from not being profitable. Its best not to entertain trolls like the one above.


I just bought a bunch of these ( http://www.gigabyte.ch/Graphics-Card/GV-N107TGAMING-8GD#kf ) cards
GTX1070TI from Gigabyte , and they are giving me a average of 500 sol at 133w . way better then my 1070 rig


Cooling is the most important in card for mining, you want card with good cooling design


Thanks for all the feedback.

Essentially mining power gets incrementally better from 1070, to 1070Ti, to 1080, to 1080Ti, while the cost of the cards trends the same. Question is, Where’s the sweet spot? Would be interesting to pool some data together from users of the pub.

My card is:
EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW Gaming ACX 3.0 1721/1860 MHz 8GB GDDR5X SLI
Spec sheet says power draw is 215W, but the desktop draws about 300W according to a wattmeter.

Algorithm ‘lyra2rev2’: 54.3 MH/s
Algorithm ‘equihash’: 530 H/s
Algorithm ‘blake2s’: 5.34 GH/s

Interesting observation I had when monitoring card performance.
Lyra2rev2 power demand was higher than Equihash. Equihash seems to make better use of the memory.


With the BBT mining group they have done a lot of analysis on this prior to the 1070ti coming out. It basically boiled down to the 1060 6gb and the 1070 were the top dogs for hitting that sweet spot.

More of us favored the 1060 6gb if we had no plans to sell the cards and just let them run till they die. Basically this mentality is just purely about accumulation of coins. It also helped out because if you are in a house it allows you to squeeze more GPU’s on different circuits with out affecting your daily living. These are also cheaper to get started.

1070’s were favored by the guys that had dedicated area’s and were what I call a professional miner. They are slightly more effecient but require more power. These guys plan on selling the 1070’s when they loose their profitability margins they have set for their business and buy the latest. The 1070’s will be easier to sell on the second hand market.

Just some food for thought. I am a 1060 guy for my mining rigs.


Thanks for the link, been looking to grab a few 1070’s. How many sols do you get off the EVGA?


I use the 1060 3gb’s from that site. I get about 250sol/s on those cards 8 card rig runs about 650w’s


Check this out - he talks about a good 12 GTX1060 setup. good price and decent hashrate:


I am looking into getting 1060’s as they seem viable and lucrative however, speaking for long term like expecting them to mine through 2018 and into 2019, won’t it become more and more difficult for a 1060 to be viable?


Yes it will. Especially with Invidia launching much more powerful new GPUs in the next few months. Those poor little 1060’s will be left behind.

However, since they don’t use much power, if you can get them and do a decent rig setup they can still pay for themselves before all the new cards hit the market and the hashpower cranks up a lot.

You can build a rig with 12 1060’s on a ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ Mobo and get decent hash/electric they’re still worth using right now.

But if you’re looking for future-proof then I would be looking at a higher hashrate card or wait for the new ones.


Is $580 a good price for a EVGA 1070 ti now? I bought the same card in November for $500. Seems that is a big increase in a few months.


The prices are high and there is no telling when they will come down. You will need to do a ROI calculation and see if you can live with it.