Where is the #Cryptonation? - Show Us on the MAP!


CLICK HERE to enter yourself into the #CRYPTONATION map!


Thanks to @cryptoBrad for putting this together!

CryptoNation Map - Add Your Location!
#Cryptonation Map - Add yourself to the map guys!
Few ideas and suggestions
Just walked a friend / former colleague of mine through buying bitcoin
PUB 101 - New User Kickstarter!
#cryptonation DEUTSCHSPRACHIG (GERMAN LANGUAGE) :austria: :de: :switzerland:


Done!! First add in Spain :slight_smile: !


@john shall I send you the embed codes so it sits natively in the page vs being links??

Nvm…Sending you a PM


@cryptoBrad, we are neighbors!


Very cool! I’m sure we will cross paths soon enough



Nice work my brother


I don’t mean to hijack this, but this link should be easier to view map & enter new data for time being until it’s parts can be embedded? https://sites.google.com/view/cryptonation (good for mobile too!)


Just added myself. Really cool!


This is so cool! I’m literally on the map now ! Anyone need anything legal from the border just let me know! :joy:


Hey! I am on the map too now. So, who is also here in Toronto?


Done! The first in the netherlands!


Done! It seems they are quite a numbers on the east coast. :slight_smile:


Done, I’m on the map …


which one of you is the other south american crypto nation member? the crypto nation is global


Put my pin on the map


Added #needtobeabletouselesscharacters


@Adrian I’m Confused by use less characters?

Where? There should not be a restriction

Or am I missing a joke?


Thanks for letting us know, I’ll make sure to remove it… {Sarcasm} :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wanted to just type in ‘added’ and got a notification saying there is a 20 character minimum, so i put the jokey hashtag in to take up more room