Whats up with DDEX and PolyMath?


Has anyone else noticed the brow raising price that Poly is going for compared to the other exchanges? I kid you not, I sold my poly this morning so I can could get some of that sweet Nexo I’ve been hearing about. Then I notice its going for .0052 per Poly.


Which exchange are you looking at?


I was on DDEX.io. Ive been trying to figure out how to get rid of HAV, BOUTS, VIO, MOAT, and SAM coins.
So Ive been checking out the DEX-ters


Not sure you would get the price quoted there as the volume is so low it barely even registers less than 0.001%


roger that. I almost got fomo’d there. I sold my poly, went to make a sandwhich. Then low and behold it was going for that price.

I’ve found that Kucoin has a pretty decent number to sell at if your going to sell POLY.