Whats next in GoCharting platform



We built the crypto currency charting and research platform www.gocharting.com with an objective to make data and trading tools accessible to the community. We are a free service and would continue to be so. We seek your help making our platform incredibly useful for the community here. We need your feedback, suggestions and feature requests. We are at your service

Platform: GoCharting

Currently, we provide advanced technical charting and research on more than 4000+ coins across 100+ exchanges covering 22,000+ coin pairs.

APIs/features available on our launch:

Real-time free charting

No annoying ads

1 second and tick trade data

4000+ crypto currencies; 22k crypto currency pairs

Support 100+ global crypto exchanges

Customizable HTML5 charting

Advanced charts such as Renko, Kagi, Heikin Ashi, Point and Figure

300+ customizable indicators, no cap on how many indicators you would like to add to your chart

Drawing tools and candlestick pattern recognition

Plot up to 4 charts at a time

EOD and 5 IEOD intervals

Social sharing

Save your study on the cloud (unlimited charts)


Whats next

We have a few things in mind in no order of preference. I would like to understand from the community what is it that they want to be added to the platform. You may sequence your priority and add more to the below feature list:

  1. More technical indicators
  2. Build custom indicators using a easy-to-understand script
  3. More drawing tools
  4. Save your watchlists on the cloud with a ROE calculation on a base currency scale (USD/AUD/JPY etc)
  5. Tradebook
  6. Orderbook and DOM Charts
  7. Ability to trade across all 100+ exchanges
  8. Alerts
  9. Backtesting
  10. Multiple language support
  11. Artificial Intelligence
    etc. etc

This is a platform for the community which will be built by the community through your suggestions, feedback, feature requests and possible contributions to the code base (in the future).

We need you to make this work for the community.



Looks like the one Blockfolio uses


Many platforms use our open source library so chances are they may look somewhat similar. But you can help make us look different based on how you want a crypto platform to look like. So shoot your thoughts and we will build on it


You can use the easy-to-use and scalable script to create your own technical indicators and strategies :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing:. We will also allow unlimited cloud-based storage of your scripts and strategies.

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This feature will go-live over this weekend. Appreciate feedback.

PS: Plans of building compatibility of our G-Script with other scripting languages used in popular tools such as MT4 and Amibroker. This is a future roadmap item