What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


I’m just finish this article. Actually i’m finishing posting to different social media platforms. I just learned something new about “the Watercooler” and about some of the functions on site. Gotta give a hats off to you (@john), @peter, & the team. You guys are really build a useful platform. I tell people about it all the time. Thnks


Long time since I’ve shared some progress with yall on my waterfall and property build out… so figured I’d share a few pics! Been slowly purchasing pallets of stone and hitting the property on a weekly basis but I am proud of what has been accomplished so far. Hopefully I will have a nice slab poured and water flowing by the end of next weekend woo-hoo!


Today there was a huge event called “Rescue Vlissingen” (in Flushing, the Netherlands). And among the many things to see where police cars from a lot of different countries, such as Italy! :slight_smile:
My friends from Ristorante La Piccola Italia in Middelburg (close to Vlissingen) had connections in Italy so they arranged for one of only 2 “Polizia :lambo: Huracans” in existence to be part of the show as well! I took a lot of pictures, and this is one of them.
Anyway, I wonder if they bought it with Bitcoin? :rofl::joy:

I am very tall, but the Lambo is also very low :rofl:

…and yes, I even got to enjoy a short ride!! :lambo: :whenlambo: :star_struck::star_struck: (got a video on that, but not sure how to upload)

…and the restaurant who took care of the police officers for 3 days even got a neat little souvenir!

What an awesome day!


This is really really cool!


U cant get higher than this in Colorado. 4400m


Took my job off, parked up and some old boy decides to go straight on at a bend and hit me straight on :weary:

Proper bounced my head off windscreen


Hope you’re alright. Take care!


Yeah mate cheers, just waiting for an X-ray


Have a busy week plus my brother moves to London Wednesday, so even more businesses lulz.


That’s cool man! cool pics


Don’t you just love england.


You missed all the pics i put in discord of the needles and homeless in san fran…


Our lot do something called spice. It’s essentially synthetic cannabis but since they made it illegal (yes it was once a legal high) it drove it underground and it messes people up


BCH Please! :troll: … I’ve got your FORK Right Here! :cowboy_hat_face: :+1: After 15 hours straight, and 324 people feed at tonight’s wedding event - this chef is tired. :man_cook: … but before I sleep I need to get my youtube video done for Yen.io Alpha Class. 100 Videos in 100 Days. :100:


Harvesting roo balls for the next bull run😆


Cheers, @Malia!!


Get the whiplash claim mate, could be thousands extra in crypto.

In all seriousness, hope your alright max. Looks fucking nasty that!


Cheers pal, but yeah nice little claim will do me nice. Was in another one last year, so should have some nice money to spend haha


Started a program for personal development at work today. Will follow a intense program this year and next year. And I’m mentored by a high placed manager. In two days I also start a Scrum and Agile training.

Really looking forward to change my life in a positive way! Thanks for the motivation @peter and @john . See you guys on the moon!! :rocket:


Who are you getting trained with?