What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


It was about 20 hours all up from leaving home to be at work

Time to grind for a month then back home
Doing survey work out near Papua New Guinea


Work hard and share some pictures if you can.
It must be beautiful and hot up there.




Time to enjoy the weekend!!


Bed for the night


Even brought my telescope!


:beers: my neigbours wedding is pretty awesome :beers: Cryptonation!!!


Nelly at the Sturgis Rally last night. #neverdrinkingagainforatleastacoupleweeks


Love me some Nelly!!!


Ethereum chocolate? Lol.


Grinding on work and Alpha class, had to put some projects on the back burner but we do what we must to thrive.


Feeding prairie dogs in Drumheller Alberta.


I’m home now but wanted to share the last part of my trip across Canada. Stopped at the Frank slide in Crowsnest pass Alberta. It was a pretty emotional place to see and tour.

Hazy smoke clouded the area from the BC wildfires.


Here we go! The premier league is finally back!!




Give that critter a beer instead! :beer::chipmunk:


I’m on a cruise in the Mediterranean, left rome, visit sicily, sardinia, mallorca, valencaia, marseille and today in genoa, tonight back to rome, peace!


getting ready for cohort “Leroy Jenkins style “


Two weeks of Sturgis Rally (my hometown) is now over. I’m whipped. If I could upload the gopro video with highlights from my ride yesterday (I actually rode bitch on my own bike with a friend that wanted to ride), I would. It’s not an option, but it’s on my insta feed at michelletech of you care to look.