What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


Today was an unpacking day from my trip while listening to Patreon and the DCTV youtubes, then caught the live stream, did Python learning, some minor stretching, discord fun, and am now reading John’s BTC / BCH article Part 1 and 2.


Spent a month with family. It’s almost 5am here and I’m going back to Istanbul for a friend’s wedding.

I’m also planning to go abroad so that I wouldn’t feel like I wasted the whole summer doing nothing. I was thinking about doing Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam trip but flight prices went to the moon. So I might be going to Albania instead.

Still trying to make 2018 better anyway!


Acceptable to drive to work to this? :joy:





creating new email to see just how deep this scam goes lol…


wtf did this crazy asshole just send me 4.5 btc…?



OMG! That’s crazy. So what you gonna do?


and here’s where the scam goes lol


Keep the scamming alive!


Turned around and what do I see.

Morning peeps.




Damn @GrillingWithGuns that shit went deep. I bet they use the extra steps so people think it is a legit exchange when they finally get to the scammy part. Way to dive deep :+1:


@GrillingWithGuns you should be very careful about clicking links/buttons on those scammy sites. Last thing you want is for some malware, spyware, trojan, keylogger or ransomware to download to your computer!


Talking of which, yesterday Google pulled 145 Apps from their Play Store as they contained malware for Windows systems. So while the malware wouldn’t run on the Android, as soon as you plug the Android into a Windows system - it goes to work. Keyloggers and other nasties in the Apps.

The sad part, the Apps were legit, the developers of the Apps had their systems compromised, so the automated code build system was packaging in the nasties from the hackers which got into their build servers.

The scammers are getting smarter and security is getting weaker.

Stay Fishy


Which is why I prefer Apple. You can trust their apps from the App Store due to the stringent curated process the app goes through before being approved and listed in the store.


not to worry, i’m super careful. this was at work, and i run non-work related apps in a virtual machine. i knew what i was doing :slight_smile:


18 hours of flying and transfers going to work :sleepy:

Did get free headphones with qantas fly points though


Good luck. How long it’s gonna take?


LOL. This.