What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


Last day at the job this week before the holidays, heading to Cyprus for a week tomorrow, snorkeling, sucking on pina coladas and eating too much


drivin to Dallas. 3 hrs. flyin to holland tomorrow. yoooo…
taking break at his spot!


Yoooo!!! You’re coming to Amsterdam?


@Malik_Shabazz - we’re talking about you. lol… just full transparency.


Sweet, I have no idea who Hans is lol


How do you know that “Hans” is whom I’m talking about?.. … your name is “Malik”…


It says Hans on the title and I’ve been called Hans by in their posts before


Yes sir i am . i will hit up via thepub


Awesome! Have a good flight :v:


Back on the grind, was on a family cruise and the internet was shit so it was a bit of a forced break. Not that I should of had one but this was planned over a year ago :rofl:


Just about to finish work for the day when we see a house go up in flames! Some poor old lady ended up being carried out by the fire crews. Was crazy to see how fast a fire can spread. This is picture from the news article. Didn’t think it was right to stand there recording.


Gardening & cooking after work



Just finished editing my LinkedIn article on Bitcoin and energy. Show me some crytpo love :blush: :tulip: :heart:


TokenRewards winners!


The time is now


Back in Korea.
Let’s not wait for ICX to moon.
I am calling a meetup!

I am at Itaewon Street… Bitcoin Center Korea just 3 minutes away.


Speaking of Korean bbq?!?!?

Dat moms tho @CryptoMom


At home cleaning my fish tank and just started a new video series of ‘Crypto Bear Explains’.

Here’s the first one - https://youtu.be/Xl1ohjUnehc