What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


Played tourist close to home today with my date at the Cosmos and Mt. Rushmore


Waffles motherf*^~%,€]*!!!


Hmmmm…99 awesome days of being part of this great community. I wonder if I’m disciplined enough to make it one more day…



Great presentation by Andreas Antonopoulos. Says,“Bitcoin is the future, and blockchain is bullshit”. :thinking: Start at 15:00 min. He further explains why you need blockchain and why you ‘do not’ need it in your company.




Found a sick progressive house set. Better than the pink top she wearing too ; )


decent. listening right now. thanks for that!


yeah, good comp background tunes.
Doing research on Tolls, Scams, and the Dark side of Crypto for an art piece.


Very nice presentation. This was actually the first time I ever listened to Andreas Antonopoulos (because it was a short presentation). However, I had to listen to this at 1.5x speed and for some reason, he reminds me of Allan Harper from Two and a Half Men! Otherwise, very engaging speaker (when you up the speed) and very good points and analogies. Loved how he differentiated a blockchain from a database. It’s actually not a bad video to send someone who wants an introduction to the concept of crypto.


right! He said if your not using blockchain for its intended purpose, then basically your just developing database. Thought that was pretty enlightening, considering most alts are doing just that, but packaging up it up differently.


Found this for you Peter. Gotta green screen too.


Exactly! I remember asking that question off-topic to some IBM sales people who were presenting some solutions to our bank. I was wondering about blockchain adoption in the Caribbean (since I’m in the region), and since HyperLedger was their blockchain solution. They didn’t answer it as simple like Andreas, but instead noted that blockchain was “much more expensive” due to the “massive infrastructure” that had to be put in place, and that only “big” companies like Amazon and Walmart would use it. They also noted that governments can adopt it providing all the ministries come together and share the cost of the blockchain fabric and further extend it to the private sector (govt and private sector share the cost of implementation). So you can imagine those fuzzy answers still left my question unanswered lol


Comprehending this more fully is strengthening my investment resolves in certain Alts, and severely diminishing the need to invest in others. No wonder Tone Vays call them ‘all’ scams. Their not ‘all’ scams, but for practical applications and cost benefit, as you mentioned above, this is starting to make alot more sense. Thank you for the insight.


Glad to be of help!

It also confirmed my thoughts (based on Adreas’ definition from the video) that IBM’s HyperLedger is certainly the “corporate and polished” (centralised Ripple Nipple) version of a real blockchain. But ofcourse we all knew that lol!


As much as I hate to say it, some of these polished corporate blockchains are gunna be really successful with ROI. They may not last in the long run, but get it while is good, and keep funneling the returns to BTC and other decentralized platforms in case the centralized house of cards comes tumbling down.


And I dont mean…


Time to plant some new crops in the farm. Amazon fairy showed up again


I finally got around to purchasing mine. Got almost the same components as you. Will hopefully start setting up and testing during this week, so I’ll be bothering you and the other guys for advice where necessary!


Thanks for sharing this is excellent :star_struck: