What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


I heard everything you said. My eyes caught “Street Glide” ahead and the rest sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher for a second :heart_eyes: so I went back and read it again! I love that you appreciate fine details, artistry, the process of making beautiful things, great music, crypto, and a great bike! We are kindred spirits! :blush:


So much depends for the sound. Type of wood, bracing, size, sound hole placement, as you well know. Plus the feel of the neck was astounding. DKguitars if you wanted to check him out. He moved to LA where all the players are.


A few years back I wrote an article for a Harley forum about what it means to own a Harley (or ride a Harley?)…I don’t remember, but I’ll see if I can dig it up. When I wrote it I thought, “Oh man you are soooo full of yourself”…:rofl: but I published it anyway. If I can find it I will post it or DM it to you. I’m not sure how I can make it fit on this forum…maybe watercooler. But I’m glad you can see the spirit of building. I think maybe (now that I’m ‘seasoned’) that’s what I was after the whole time.


Yes. It all matters, and creativity can only take you so far. The wood eventually has it’s say. I tried to hedge against all the unknowns by going as far as sourcing and processing my own tonewoods. I did not buy them from any instrument supply houses. The only thing on my guitars that weren’t made by my hand were the strings and the tuners. By imposing this standard of control I was able to achieve some amazing things both in sound and in design / artistry.


I bet they were fucking awesome and sounded Angelic!


I’d love to read it!!! Post it in the watercooler and DM me with it! Help the others understand how sexaaaaay it is and what it feels like to own and ride a Harley!


Well, honestly, a few were. Many were not awesome. I even burned some. I tried a lot of wild things. Very very few turned out to be difference makers.


You make me want to start my art again. I’ve gotten sidetracked, but I thought either I go all in and attempt to make a living, or I don’t, and at the moment I’m not, and that makes me sad.


@Michelle_Orio Oh my…can I speak to you as if I am close to you? I would say this…

Don’t ever think for one minute that you need to encumber your desire to practice an art you truly love, with the burden of ‘all in’, or a need to make a living, or public acceptance. Your soul…needs food too. But you can’t just shove a spoonful of mash potatoes into it’s mouth. It doesn’t like mashed potatoes. The food we give our soul is always derived from within. It’s the idea, that becomes a possibility, that becomes an action, that becomes a reality…and then becomes the food of your soul. It’s satisfaction of self…that immense satisfaction you experience when you step back and witness first hand, the accomplishment and life giving reality of a thing you created. It’s something no other person on this planet can provide for you. Here is where being selfish is a virtue. Never think for one minute that shouldn’t do it for the first person. That first person has always been, and will forever remain…you.

This is the first time in many years I have revealed my guitars. They’ve been so private to me. I retreated to a form of portectionism with regard to my guitars, to me, to my sense of art and it’s expression. I forgot about the tiny virgin spark of an idea that began so many years ago. I forgot where that spark led me, and how what it revealed to me, affirmed my own sense of "I…CAN"! The power of you. The virtue of self.

Your art is to you - as a beating heart is to a human body. There is no need for you be all in. There is only a need for you to start.


Before I was an Ironworker for 25 years I made some Art furniture in Atlanta for a couple years. When I got hurt Ironworking a few years ago and could no longer work I started tinkering with woodworking in the garage. I always have played guitar so pertinent post for me. The problem with making stuff these days is Walmart. Shit is just to cheap and we have been brainwashed to think new shit is better no matter how good/shitty it’s made. People would rather buy something new every year than buy something they have to look at forever. Talking in terms of the shit I make like furniture not guitars.


Hope you get better! sorry to hear that.


Thank you so much! 7 hours in the ER waiting to be seen. So many people with the flu. Was seen for five minutes, given antibiotic and have to follow up with my regular Dr. ER doc doesn’t know what the cause is. What a day. But SO thankful I don’t have the flu!

AND I got to read the PUB that whole time which was pretty awesome! :clap:


All along the Dogetower!


Omgosh. She left and came back awhile later with approximately $5.90 worth of McDonalds. The ER is a place that you see just about everything and I had many hours to reflect on life as I watched people go through. And I was thinking about crypto and how life changing it can be as I watched people.

My takeaway from 7+ hours in the ER and reading the PUB the whole time, do as @peter and @john are doing. Teach people to fish. I’m having a lulz moment because that whole sentence sounds like I’ve become a crypto disciple. :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Annnnnnndddddd…guilty as charged!




Thanks for speaking this. I started a few years ago, and made about 5 or so sculptures, perhaps one I’m proud of but it’s not perfect (you know this feeling). My focus was on sculptures with social commentary, that would appeal to those not only in the art world, and which message would be more accessible. I thought about going to art school ($30K/yr in sf), but was disappointed after I saw their graduate work output, and realized what a racket it all was. I’ve taken some community college courses, and worked with some sculptors, but somehow lost my way. I’m almost 40, and I haven’t been able to hold down a “regular” job, and so that’s figuring in the forefront of what I should do from now on, which is why I’ve put some money in crypto, because of the anxiety for my future. I believe in myself and my art and know I have a lot to contribute to this world, and I have over 300 sculpture ideas, but have seem to forgotten it until your post. It is crushing to go through life without having fully realized this dream, and you’re right, I shouldn’t look at it in the ways I’ve been looking at it, but just do it when I can. One of my greatest hinderences is that I’m too hard on myself, which prevents me from even starting.

I greatly appreciate you sharing your artwork on this site. There are wonderful people here, and it’s been a great resource as well, and it’s nice to know on some corners of the internet there are decent communities. I know I haven’t met you, but I know we would get along well and have much to talk about. You can dm if you want too, I can show you what little I’ve made, because like you, I’m afraid or hesitant to show my work as well. :heart:


I know! It’s amazing how one can buy something on Amazon for $9.99 that would take me months to make.


But it wouldn’t be from you.

Make a sculpture for the Pub.
Let’s auction it. Make you some crypto!


… beautiful work! :+1:


I love this idea. Love it.