What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?



Learning more python today, also working on an entrepreneurship class as well. Love learning but sometimes I wish it could be faster, even though I know the struggle of doing is one of the biggest barriers of all.


Rented speed boat n went snorkelling


@HarryvdV Fig Tree Bay, one of our favourite beaches on the island.


Its amazing gfgjjg hffhgbb


Get your bitcoin. Or die trying. :joy:


Pigzbe, getting one of these :smile:


Looks cool but if it is connected to a device in the way it is the remote control for a game and that device is connected to the internet then I don’t think it is truly a cold storage device/wallet. If this is the case I’d be a tad nervous about security and potential hack threats if the native token ever has any sizable value. Just a thought. I do hope I’m wrong as it would be great for the next generations to learn about real finances in a way we never did.


Little Doge certainly knows what he’s talking bout! After all, he gets his “financial advice” from one of the best in the business. :sunglasses::doge::rocket::ferrari:


Dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyum boiiiiiiii!


They have shops selling XTC? Lol


Living the sweet life my brudda! :sunglasses:


X-T-C… Do they give out the pills at their ICO sales? :pill::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Daddy date day. Traveled to watch Korean 2nd division Daejeon Citizen vs Anyang FC


come on , you have to at least tell us where that beautiful place is :joy: , Looks great :beers:


Cyprus fig tree bay khvcgvcbhv


Eating too much
N pina coladas


@HarryvdV if the weather holds we will be at Fig Tree bay tomorrow.


Good choicr, prolly my fav holiday destination until now


Living the dream, looks awesome